How much value do you get from your car’s service plan

There is a thought trail that exists among many consumers that once a car has come out of it's service plan it is time to sell it and move onto a newer model. However with the pricing of new cars continually on the rise, many cannot afford to go this route. They are then faced with the conundrum and fear that due to their vehicle being out of service plan the cost to maintain them would exceed their budgets.

Many will recognize the fact that a new cars actual value as the service plan built into it. Therefore, when taking your car for a service at a dealer, then collecting it once work has been completed you simply get in and drive out without having to dig into your pockets to pay for the job. However you have already paid for this service, and in many cases the work carried out does not come near to the actual value you have put forward. This is due to manufacturers calculating how many services your vehicle will require of a period of time. They will estimate the cost of these intervals to come up with a figure of how much to add onto the car’s selling price.

The BMW E60 5 SeriesWhen consumers are faced with the decision whether to keep their vehicle that has exceeded the mileage to remain under warranty, they consider whether to renew their service plan, sell the car or start taking it to privately owned and run workshops. One massive benefit with having a car under warranty is in case one of the major mechanical elements giving up the ghost, such as the engine or these fancy dual clutch automatic gearboxes. Instead of forking out a couple of thousand Rand, your manufacturer will have you covered and will simply replace the unit.

Such scenarios can take place, but due to manufacturers constantly being aware of brand representation most vehicles hold a reliability record that is sound. The condition of your vehicle and the chances of having a major problem is down to whether the owner has looked after the car and ensured it has had its regular services. Which leads to the point of the question posed in the title of this article?

One of our new clients made a comment that not only raised a few eyebrows, but at the same time made us proud of our service offerings. He mentioned that since he started bringing his car to Evolution 2 in the second quarter of 2011, when his service plan had expired, the invoiced amounts for work done by our team had worked out to be cheaper than renewing his service plan. He also experienced a few issues with the car such as a radiator leak, overheating issues and faulty display messages that were displayed on his dashboard. Since experiencing this bad run with his car, and Evolution 2 fixing these issues, the vehicle has been faultless, touch wood, and our client has enjoyed a few months of trouble free motoring.

In closing the point we are making through this article relates to stereotypes that are developed by consumers. If you look after your car, the wheels will never fall off once the service plan has come to an end. There are places that can offer competitive pricing for services when compared to dealers. In some cases like our client you will actually experience a saving. If you would like to find out more about our service offerings, repairs, or to test power outputs of your car on our Dyno, get in touch by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.