Exciting unveiling at BMW Concourse event

All aspects related to BMW Motorsport in 2012 have been exciting. The manufacturers return to DTM, after some 25 years of absence, has been exciting and sparked further interest in the series. Television ratings are up, fans are packing the stadiums and most importantly BMW is back to winning ways.

Internationally these happenings have been incredibly exciting for BMW supporters across the globe. Locally, however, fans have also been treated to unveiling and showcasing of the world’s first F30 BMW 3 series race car. Unleashed on South African circuits a few weeks after its official launch, the beautifully presented racers, encompassing the traditional M colours definitely looked and sounded the part, what’s more the car took victory on debut.

Coming soon.....In summary 2012 has been a great year for BMW. After the brand’s exit out of Formula 1, a part from American and European competition with the gorgeous M3 GT2 cars, the return to DTM has once again brought back the excitement, interest and spark that makes the manufacturer so special. However with every great motorsport team comes a history where the cars that brought the manufacturer to this point in time are remembered and revered.

One of the most iconic race cars of all time, a racer that achieved many feats in Europe and America, encompassed a body design that was wild for its time and contributed to making BMW Motorsport what it is today. A racer with such pedigree lives, rests and at times races on international circuits, however most of the time is displayed in museums open to the public or ones where the public and journalists are forbidden from entering.

Its places like the BMW Mobile Tradition where dreams are made and witnessed. The race and roads cars parked in this hallowed territory is simply unrivaled by another manufacturer. Its impressive beyond belief, however after leaving such a sanctuary one is left with an empty feeling, a sense that you will never be in the company of such prestigious possessions driven by legends. Racers such as the E92 BMW M3 DTM will one day come to rest in such a place, and the next generation of society will drool over them like we do over cars from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Evolution 2 Motorsport is taking upon themselves, one step at a time, to either restore or build these praised cars and showcase them in their rightful environment, the racetrack. Therefore on the 7th of October 2012, the BMW Club Concourse event, hosted at the Nelson Mandela Square, will witness a piece of history, an icon and a car responsible for making BMW Motorsport the esteemed institution it is today being unveiled to the public.

The Pablo Clark Racing and Evolution 2 Motorsport Group 3 E9 BMW CSL Batmobile, true to its historical form, will finally make its long awaited public debut. Two years of Alec Ceprnich and the Evolution 2 Motorsport team’s knowledge, mechanical skill and eye for perfection will be demonstrated. Building any race car and unveiling it is a special moment, however showcasing one where parts have to be made compared to sourcing them straight off the shelf, encompassing every detail to ensure it looks true to is form and ensuring that it not only matches the original, but surpasses it, is what goes into building a historic BMW race car.

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