Every journey begins with…

... plenty of preparation and planning. If you not one for doing such, then the journey you embark on could turn out to be a complete flop and disaster, or a complete flop and disaster that seemingly worked out reasonably well. However for all motorists traveling over the festive season, safety should be of paramount concern and any flop or disaster surrounding this could result in detrimental consequences.

South African roads claim too many lives on an annual basis. Whether this is due to the state of our roads, driver negligence, driver fatigue or road-worthiness of vehicles not being up to scratch, the fact remains that all road users need to take such facts into consideration and never take such considerations for granted. These solutions start with all vehicle owners who can, through their own actions, ensure they are one step ahead of being a safer entity come busy holiday periods.

Have your vehicle checked over before any long roadtripThe means of transport that will be taking travelers to Durban, Cape Town, George or anywhere else in South Africa, is the most crucial facet in ensuring you and your family are safe while on South Africa’s national roads. Many will consider the costs involved in hotel accommodation, entertainment, fuel and toll costs, however they forget the most crucial part, having their vehicles serviced or checked before departing.

“Customers will always believe that due to their vehicles being serviced during the course of a calendar year, they are safe to travel with during the holiday period,” says Evolution 2's head technician Wade Noble. “One should have their vehicle checked before going on a long journey to destinations around South Africa, or outside of our boarders in neighbouring countries. Adopting this attitude could be the difference between saving you reaching your destination or being involved in an accident which potentially ruins your overall trip.”

Evolution 2 has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy service agent for vehicles who have come out of their Motorplan/ warranty, especially BMW and MINI models. When a customer’s vehicle is due for service, the team focuses on the following:

Adhering to the vehicles kilometre or annual service notifications is critical to ensure your car is in the best running order possible. Many of our clients remark that upon taking their vehicles for a service and then collecting them, they "feel like new". Although this is all well and good, a couple of months down the line a lot can change regarding the state of the components that keep your vehicle going, especially if one uses their car on a daily basis. Therefore it is crucial to drop your car off at Evolution 2 for a pre-holiday trip safety check to provide you peace of mind that your vehicle is safe for the journey ahead.

A safety check will take anything up to half a day, depending how busy we are. Where travel requirements are needed the team from Evolution 2 will oblige in ensuring you are not late for work on the day of booking the car in. Normal labour rates will apply with this safety check. Where a vehicle is checked and requires no further attention, the client will be contacted to collect it, however where areas of concern are reported on expect to hear from 1 of our technicians on what he needs to do to ensure your vehicle is back to perfect running order.

Get in touch and book your vehicle in for a safety check by calling the workshop on 0114661266 or emailing your booking request through to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .