We have a heart beat

'Life' is defined by a heart beat: if a heart beats, then there is life. If their is no heart beat then there is no pulse, no breath, no exchange of oxygen to the blood cells. The same can be said of cars.

With no engine (the 'heart') a car will not move under its own power.

If you have been following our Customer Racing Projects, you will remember that we have been tasked by owner Farouk Dangor (of Speedy Car Sales) to restore his original BMW E30 M3 Touring Car. The car arrived at our workshop, the M3 was showing its age - it had no engine or sequential gearbox and looked bare without its livery.

We love classic BMW's, especially the E30's, but as the team has got to know the M3 we realize how special the car is; and we understand now why it is considered to be the most successful touring car in history. Let's just say, those German's knew what they were doing.

The Speedy Car Sales BMW E30 M3During the period of July, our BMW E30 M3 project manager, Wynand worked tirelessly to finish the the car. This included all fabricated interior items such as door panels, centre console and mounting the new MoTeC hardware. Once completed, the car was dropped at MJR Technologies at Zwartkops Raceway where Motec guru Martin installed a new engine harness and joined everything up. Then the time came to start the engine, and we were not disappointed. Martin then ran the car on his dyno, while input all the required settings to 'run' the motor in during the next step of getting the car ready for testing.

There are many hours ahead of R&D ahead for the team, before the car sets a race track alive again. The memories and images for racing enthusiasts, of a racing thoroughbred and icon will grace South Africa's race tracks. And we promise, the car will be fast. Very fast.

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