Benefits of an Oil Change

Alec and the Evolution 2 Motorsport Technicians recommend that customers at the very least have an oil change done every 15000km (or once a year, if you do limited driving) on your beloved vehicle. An oil change for your vehicle provides several benefits that can keep you behind the wheel of the same model for over 300000kms (which is great news for those customers wanting to hold onto their BMW's once their Motorplan has expired):

  • Ensures optimal engine performance
  • Prevents engine dirt and debris accumulation
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Produces less harmful emissions

Castrol Oils and Lubricants are used in our workshopFresh, clean oil lubricates all of the parts that comprise a vehicles engine. By protecting your BMW engine from engine degradation, you can extend the life of a BMW vehicle well beyond the average lifespan of a new car.

Signs that your BMW Vehicle needs an oil change:

By following the regular oil change maintenance schedules, you enjoy several benefits that enhance the performance of your car. By closely monitoring your engine oil (via the Dipstick or the On-board Computer), you can detect the signs that demonstrate the time has come for an oil change.

Here are the signs that indicate your BMW requires an oil change:

  • Oil appears black and contains particles
  • Engine operates much louder than normal
  • 'Check Engine' light remains on
  • Oil level suddenly drops
  • Sputtering vehicle performance, especially on steep inclines

What happens when you do not change engine oil:

We like to remind our clients about the implications of not abiding by the recommended maintenance schedule, and for not using the correct oil for the particular vehicle engine. An oil change go a long way towards ensuring the health of your vehicle. At Evolution 2, we believe in Castrol. Castrol Oils and Lubricants are well respected in the motor industry: passenger/ commercial/ heavy duty/ motorbikes/ race cars.

The dangers of not abiding by the oil change schedule include engine wear, corrosion, sludge and extremely poor performance. In the worst case scenarios, severely compromised oil can cause a vehicle to stop on the open road, or whilst sitting in peak hour traffic.

If you’re unsure of when your next oil change is or to make an Oil Service booking, please feel free to contact our Workshop.

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