Celebrating a magnificent landmark with the BMW 3 Series Range

Celebrating 40 Years of the 3 Series at Menlyn AutoThere is no secret within South African circles that the BMW 3 Series model range has always been a favourite amongst local consumers and enthusiasts. This portion of the manufacturer’s range fulfills the core of the brand and is an important seller for BMW in our country and worldwide.

Within South Africa the 3 Series range is also manufactured at the BMW Plant Rosslyn, where the four door model is built for local markets and exported to the likes of America. 2015 marks the 40 year anniversary of the 3 series model range, a terrific milestone for the manufacturer and the owners who have enjoyed such offerings over the course of its production.

Evolution 2 Motorsport and its founder Alec Ceprnich has also enjoyed an esteemed history with the BMW 3 series model range. During the 1980’s until 2004, Alec was at the forefront of building, developing and preparing numerous 3 series model race cars, enjoying much success. Through this exposure much respect was gained for this vehicle which translated into Alec and family owning numerous 3 series road going models over the past few years.“The 3 series model has always been at the forefront of BMW sales, especially within South Africa,” explains Alec. “The model is still today the most important for BMW, in the years gone past the car has fulfilled a critical role from a marketing perspective through being the model of choice to represent BMW in motorsport circles both locally and abroad. The notion of win on Saturday, sell on Monday was a core element for this range of BMW's, as consumers saw for themselves the magnitude of abilities these vehicles possessed.

 ”Bruce's immaculate BMW E46 318i on display at Menlyn AutoEvolution 2 Motorsport today services many customer 3 series road cars, ensuring they remain as good as new, while delivering on the brand’s slogan of always providing sheer driving pleasure to those who own and drive them. Currently within the Ceprnich household, Alec’s two sons are the current proud owners of two E46 BMW 318i’s, one a 2002 model (+/- 210000kms) and the other a later 2005 version (+/- 135000kms). The 2002 318i was actually previously owned by Alec and has led a life of meticulous care and maintenance, with the keys being handed to son Gavin in 2010. The 2005 E46 was recently purchased by Alec’s son Bruce, the car was acquired from an Evolution 2 Motorsport client who reluctantly sold the car as he was immigrating to Australia.

BMW Car Club Chairman, Colin van Son, knowing of these two examples of the E46, requested both Gavin and Bruce to allow the cars to be used for display purposes to celebrate the #40yearsof3 anniversary. Gavin’s car was posted to the BMW International Polo Event at Waterfall Park, taking to the impressive 3 Series stand with its fellow 3 Series siblings from different generations. Colin requested if Bruce would allow for his 318i to be displayed at Menlyn Auto, a BMW dealer within Pretoria who were going all out to celebrate this anniversary.

The BMW International Polo event at Waterfall Park“It was a proud moment when Colin approached me and requested my E46 318i to be displayed at the BMW International Polo Event, and later in the month at BMW Plant Rosslyn for the press launch of the face-lifted BMW F30 3 Series,” remarks Gavin. “Seeing the car being displayed next to esteemed company such as a rare E21 3 series, and a stunning E30 BMW 325is, made the years spent looking after my example all the more worthwhile. The E46 is a special car, it is very well built and solid, and even in 318i guise has great performance through its impressive N42 Motor, however the E46's handling ability and characteristics is what sets it a part of rivals from other manufacturers in this vehicle segment.”

Being a part of the 40 year anniversary of the 3 series model range was both a proud moment for the Ceprnich boys, Alec and of course Evolution 2 Motorsport, who has maintained both examples over the past few years. It is one thing to enjoy the vehicle you own and obtain satisfaction each time you get behind the wheel, this is an objective of Evolution 2 Motorsport. However the BMW family, through its hospitality and interest in owners of the vehicles they produce, even now that they are out of warranty and are now maintained at private service agents such as Evolution 2 Motorsport, once again sets the brand a part in celebrating with all owners the history that has brought the marque to where it is today. To view the pictures from these 2 events, please visit our Facebook Page.

The 40 Years of 3 Display at the BMW International Polo Event