Pride and Prestige at the 35th BMW Car Club Concourse De Elegance

Our 2 race cars in special companyThe annual BMW Car Club Concourse De Elegance event is the most prestigious and sought after listed proceeding on the club’s busy itinerary. 2016 marked the 35th edition of the much anticipated Concourse De Elegance and further to this, the club also paid homage to BMW celebrating 100 Years as manufacturer and brand.

Therefore due to all the special anniversaries attributed to this year’s Concourse De Elegance, held on the 4th of September at the Nelson Mandela Square, certain vehicle displays were allowed on invitation. Evolution 2 Motorsport has developed a tradition of earmarking the annual Concourse De Elegance as the key event to bring our products and workmanship to the public and offer an aura of tangibility as enthusiasts and the effective ‘man in the street’ get to see up close and even at times inside and under the bonnet of vehicles we have restored or built for clients. In 2012, Evolution 2 Motorsport launched our impressive BMW E9 CSL Group 3 Batmobile replica, while in 2013 we displayed our proud collection of Winfield BMW Race Cars, formerly campaigned by BMW SA and the late Tony Viana. 2014 was a special year, where the team unveiled our very own racer, in the form of the beautiful replication of the Schnitzer Group A BMW E24 635csi racer. Last year, Evolution 2 Motorsport continued with our tradition, now becoming a cemented edition in the day’s programme of events, launched the restoration of the Speedy Car Sales/ Farouk Dangor E30 BMW 325is Evo II race car.

For 2016, Evolution 2 Motorsport was requested not to select any specific cars to display, but rather due to popular demand, the BMW Car Club committee requested that we display our Schnitzer Group A E24 BMW 635csi and the ever popular original Winfield E30 BMW 325i Shadowline Group N race car. The two racers complimented one another well in the case one effectively raced internationally, and the other locally, however had the same in common in winning championships for BMW. In addition, as the classic car market grows from strength to strength, even in South Africa, the BMW Car Club Gauteng wanted to focus on the theme of having examples of cars/ race cars that best defined the phenomenon of being a future classic, linked to the 100 year celebration of BMW's existence.

It was wonderful to see, over and above Evolution 2 Motorsport’s race car display, a stunning array of just on 60 of what has to be some of the best BMW road car examples in the country, if not Africa. It was also fitting to see, linked to the 635csi and 325i Shadowline racers, similar type road going versions also being put on display or entered into one of the Concourse De Elegance classes.

The 2016 BMW Concourse De Elegance best described for the South African market, what BMW as a vehicle brand has achieved in its 100 years of existence. With such diversity in road examples, from stunning 2002’s, to the legendary E30 BMW 325is and current hero’s, such as the impressive BMW M4, Evolution 2 Motorsport was proud to be a part of the festivities, as we complete a chapter in the brand’s history, and look forward to the next 100 years. One thing is for sure, the future classics on display speak volumes as being the cars that has taken BMW to where they are today, even paving the way for future models.