Evolution 2 M540i takes Concourse Class Victory

Evolution 2 M540i takes the honoursThe 2016 BMW Car Club Concourse De Elegance spectacle, held on the 4th of September and hosted by the Nelson Mandela Square, marked the 35th edition of the annual event, and further celebrated 100 Years of BMW as a vehicle manufacturer and brand.

Traditionally Evolution 2 Motorsport’s exposure at the event relates to displaying and what has become a norm, launched various racing car models that the team has either restored or built for clients. With the 2016 event being marked as a significant event in the Club’s and BMW's history, Evolution 2 decided what better reason than to enter a road vehicle into a Concourse De Elegance class.

Some of you may have followed the acquisition and work being done by Evolution 2 Motorsport on an extremely rare 2003 E39 BMW M540i Manual. This 5 series model, is one of five that was imported to South Africa as a six-speed manual, and was the only face-lifted example to come into the country in 2003. The car was commissioned by BMW SA and formed part of the Rosslyn fleet doing duty as a company car for a director. The M540i was also maintained and had its regular service intervals carried out by the BMW SA VDC, thus in short a special and alluring piece of kit with some interesting history edged into its interior and exterior fittings.

Before being acquired by Evolution 2 Motorsport, the 5 was owned by a club member, yet still serviced by our team, hence the first-hand understanding of what the E39 was all about. Needless to say, at just on 222,000km, Evolution 2 Motorsport knew this vehicle was in a sound mechanical and cosmetic condition, which was testament to the care it received from its former owner. Upon acquiring it, a spread program was put together in turning this everyday run about into the stunning future classic it was always destined to become. Therefore by entering into the 2016 BMW Car Club Concourse De Elegance, the team put their minds to taking the necessary time to prepare the car to the best of their ability.

“Evolution 2 Motorsport has built a strong 19 year reputation of mechanical quality and high standards of workmanship, this is emphasized in the services we conduct on our customer’s road vehicles and obviously high performance race cars,” explains Gavin Ceprnich. “Through my brother Bruce and his involvement with the M540i, we wanted to formulate a notion that over and above offering the best vehicle maintenance on road vehicles, especially BMW models, we also developed a passion in adding value to our client’s in assisting them to make their vehicles also look like new. This extension speaks to our service offering of specialised vehicle exterior treatments and care, in brightening a car’s bodywork, resolving paint imperfections and detailing specific areas, getting the vehicle to a stage where it looked similar to the day it drove off the showroom floor”.

A proud Bruce with his BMW E39 M540iWith the above business case in mind Evolution 2 Motorsport set to work on the E39 BMW M540i, trusting only in the quality products produced by Meguiars. The car’s exterior body received a compound polish, high pressure wash on the outside, engine bay, wheel arches, inner rim portion and under carriage. Following this the car received an extensive wax treatment, this was a specific process conducted through various methods, one an electronic polisher to achieve the high gloss, mirror like finish. The car received one final wash, before it was down to final finishing touches with a thorough interior clean and vacuum, leather treatment of the seats and other trim, specialist detailing on finishes within the engine bay and exterior trim and the final attention to detail process of polishing every crevice on the 5-spoked M-Sport rims.

Arriving on the 4th of September,  the nerves definitely started to kick in as long hours culminated into the day’s proceedings and being ranked according to the judges scoring template and discretion. The M540i had the likes of immaculate E36 and E46 M3s, another E39 540i auto and a rare E60 M5. When it came time for the final crunch and the judges to go over the vehicle according to cleanliness of basics such as interior and exterior, plus minor details such as door rubbers and grab handles, and hard to reach and see places like the under carriage, the final verdict was announced during the much anticipated prize giving.

“Although the period leading up to judging was quite nerve racking,” explains Bruce Ceprnich, “the actual experience was enjoyable. The judges were very pleasant and it was heartening to see how complimentary they were about the M540i, which is always appreciated. Some judges could not believe the car had done over 225,000kms, and again this emphasized the true fact that any car does not need to be a garage king or queen, it can accumulate thousands of kilometres, but the trick is to maintain it properly according to the suggested intervals at a reputable business like Evolution 2 Motorsport, and even further spending time giving the car a proper polish would bring back the brightness and prominent lines, similar to when it sat on the show room floor.”

BMW Car Club Chairman, Colin Van Son, after the judges had submitted their verdicts, proceeded to read out the third, second and first placed owners and vehicles according to class. The M540i’s class was read out first, while Colin read out third and second places, and Committee Member, plus judge on the day Johann Venter handed out the prizes, the entire team from Evolution 2 Motorsport waited with baited breath as the words ‘in first place’ rolled off Colin’s tongue…

The hardest worker of all - thank you CelinaThe long hours were all worth it, and Evolution 2 Motorsport proved it also has the ability to grow its service focus into vehicle detailing and car care. The team won its Concourse Category and engraved its name into the history books as a winner of this prestigious event, further the victory was made even more special as it was the 35th edition of the BMW Car Club Concourse De Elegance, and importantly the 100 Year Celebration of BMW. Evolution 2 Motorsport, can proudly state that as a family, that really cares, we not only have the ability to make our customer’s vehicles perform like new, we can also make them look like new.

A special word of thanks must go to the following people that make up the family and all played their part in this 2016 Concourse Victory – Pam Ceprnich, for her countless support and constant supply of refreshments, Alec Ceprnich for ensuring the M540i is always mechanically sound, Gavin Ceprnich for exercising his skills in the process of polishing, detailing and ensuring the engine bay looks pristine, importantly Celina Bhima, girlfriend of Bruce Ceprnich, who assisted and supported him over the course of the whole process of cleaning and polishing, even going as far as wiping down those hard to reach places such as the wheel arches and polishing out the micro dust spec from the rims.

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