Speed and Sound, whilst sharing some Social Awareness

BMW Car Club Gauteng Stand at the DomeEvolution 2 thrives on our network of strategic and working relations, one being our magnificent association with the BMW Car Club of Gauteng. Any opportunity to attend or join in on events that the club hosts or is a part of, we jump at the opportunity to join.

On Saturday the 17th of September, popular local magazine publication Speed and Sound hosted their annual event at the Ticket Pro Dome in Northgate, Johannesburg. The showcase naturally is angled against motor enthusiasts who love all things related to how fast ones car goes, or seemingly looks, and the sound it emits, either through engine performance modifications or on car entertainment systems.

"We received a call from BMW Car Club chairman Colin van Son who inquired whether we could assist with providing one of our classic race cars for the Club's stand at the Speed and Sound Expo," explains Evolution 2 Motorsport's Gavin Ceprnich. "We have great relationships with the various committee members in the club and jumped at the opportunity to mull over our workshop space and look under the car blankets in selecting the relevant vehicle to take to the Dome. It had to be a local South African hero and that's why we went for the legendary ex-Tony Viana Winfield BMW E30 325i Shadowline Group N Car. We also realized that upon arriving on Saturday a greater and extremely worthy initiative was being promoted and supported in assisting the Club's drive to create awareness of their drive to raise funds for young Caylum Willemse in securing monies through Hot Laps at an upcoming Club event in assisting to get him to Boston for the all critical medical treatment that can save his life."


For Evolution 2 Motorsport it was a great opportunity and day to support the BMW Car Club of Gauteng and their stand, however being aware and becoming more apart of the cause for Caylum Willemse made the day all the more worthwhile. R200.00 is the nominal fee to enjoy a ride around the brand new Kyalami International race circuit, while this amount is immediately injected into the drive to secure funds in order to cover Caylum's expenses. Evolution 2 Motorsport will be at Kyalami on the 29th of October 2016, please come visit our pit and importantly support this worthy cause to #getcaylumtoboston.

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