Shock Absorbers

Bilstein Shock Absorbers

What's the most neglected service/ maintenance component on a car? We reckon it's the shock absorber. A shock wearing out is a bit like slow poison: it happens progressively and often isn’t noticed by the driver of the vehicle - until evasive action is required. Worn shocks also have a negative impact on traction, tyre life, braking distance (by up to 20 percent) and overall handling and road-holding.

Bilstein estimates that, if a car has covered 150000km, each piston rod will have moved back and forth around 75-million times!

Shock Absorbers should be checked at least every 20000 kilometres. A visual check, while never a bad thing, isn’t enough though and nor is leaning on the car and pushing down…that’s not a shock absorber test.

Many factors affect the service life of shock absorbers: road condition, loading, mileage and driving style. Cold, heat, dust, water and salt can also age them in next to no time so taking them for granted is extremely short-sighted.

[Released on the Bilstein SA Facebook Page]

At Evolution 2 Motorsport we can assist our clients in the testing of Shock Absorbers and Suspension. We are able to source Bilstein and genuine 'OE' Suspension products, and then we specialize in the fitment. If you feel and/ or hear a 'knock' in the Suspension, please feel free to contact us for an assessment/ booking.

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