From the Driver's Seat

From the drivers seat
Some say he's a racing driver...
Some say he's a mechanic...
Some say he doesn't register speed...

All we know, is that he is Evolution 2 Motorsport's "man of mystery". The 'Gooch' gives us his thoughts all motoring-related.

Evolution 2 M540i takes Concourse Class Victory

Evolution 2 M540i takes the honoursThe 2016 BMW Car Club Concourse De Elegance spectacle, held on the 4th of September and hosted by the Nelson Mandela Square, marked the 35th edition of the annual event, and further celebrated 100 Years of BMW as a vehicle manufacturer and brand.

Traditionally Evolution 2 Motorsport’s exposure at the event relates to displaying and what has become a norm, launched various racing car models that the team has either restored or built for clients. With the 2016 event being marked as a significant event in the Club’s and BMW's history, Evolution 2 decided what better reason than to enter a road vehicle into a Concourse De Elegance class.

Some of you may have followed the acquisition and work being done by Evolution 2 Motorsport on an extremely rare 2003 E39 BMW M540i Manual. This 5 series model, is one of five that was imported to South Africa as a six-speed manual, and was the only face-lifted example to come into the country in 2003. The car was commissioned by BMW SA and formed part of the Rosslyn fleet doing duty as a company car for a director. The M540i was also maintained and had its regular service intervals carried out by the BMW SA VDC, thus in short a special and alluring piece of kit with some interesting history edged into its interior and exterior fittings.


Pride and Prestige at the 35th BMW Car Club Concourse De Elegance

Our 2 race cars in special companyThe annual BMW Car Club Concourse De Elegance event is the most prestigious and sought after listed proceeding on the club’s busy itinerary. 2016 marked the 35th edition of the much anticipated Concourse De Elegance and further to this, the club also paid homage to BMW celebrating 100 Years as manufacturer and brand.

Therefore due to all the special anniversaries attributed to this year’s Concourse De Elegance, held on the 4th of September at the Nelson Mandela Square, certain vehicle displays were allowed on invitation. Evolution 2 Motorsport has developed a tradition of earmarking the annual Concourse De Elegance as the key event to bring our products and workmanship to the public and offer an aura of tangibility as enthusiasts and the effective ‘man in the street’ get to see up close and even at times inside and under the bonnet of vehicles we have restored or built for clients. In 2012, Evolution 2 Motorsport launched our impressive BMW E9 CSL Group 3 Batmobile replica, while in 2013 we displayed our proud collection of Winfield BMW Race Cars, formerly campaigned by BMW SA and the late Tony Viana. 2014 was a special year, where the team unveiled our very own racer, in the form of the beautiful replication of the Schnitzer Group A BMW E24 635csi racer. Last year, Evolution 2 Motorsport continued with our tradition, now becoming a cemented edition in the day’s programme of events, launched the restoration of the Speedy Car Sales/ Farouk Dangor E30 BMW 325is Evo II race car.


Winter is coming: How to protect your car in SA

Winter is on its way with temperatures in South Africa already showing a gradual decline.

While many South Africans will ensure they are protected against the cold, vehicle owners can forget about that their cars need protection and care against the elements.


Maintenance and Service of BMW Cooling Systems

You don’t have to tell a BMW owner what a wonderful car it is; that person already is aware of that. You need not remind the owner how expensive that vehicle is; he or she has had to deal with the sticker price. The expense of a BMW is worth it if the car is still a dream to drive. It is important to always remember that as a manufactured item it can break down. Proper maintenance of the cooling system is going to be critical for the overall efficiency of this wonder vehicle.


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