From the Driver's Seat

From the drivers seat
Some say he's a racing driver...
Some say he's a mechanic...
Some say he doesn't register speed...

All we know, is that he is Evolution 2 Motorsport's "man of mystery". The 'Gooch' gives us his thoughts all motoring-related.

Maintenance and Service of BMW Cooling Systems

You don’t have to tell a BMW owner what a wonderful car it is; that person already is aware of that. You need not remind the owner how expensive that vehicle is; he or she has had to deal with the sticker price. The expense of a BMW is worth it if the car is still a dream to drive. It is important to always remember that as a manufactured item it can break down. Proper maintenance of the cooling system is going to be critical for the overall efficiency of this wonder vehicle.


Planning an SA road trip? 20 vehicle checks you must do!

Cape Town - There's nothing quite as exciting as getting ready for a well-deserved holiday with your loved ones during the holidays.

You've checked your luggage, booked the hotel or beach house but sometimes the most critical item is often overlooked until the last minute - your car!


Celebrating a magnificent landmark with the BMW 3 Series Range

Celebrating 40 Years of the 3 Series at Menlyn AutoThere is no secret within South African circles that the BMW 3 Series model range has always been a favourite amongst local consumers and enthusiasts. This portion of the manufacturer’s range fulfills the core of the brand and is an important seller for BMW in our country and worldwide.

Within South Africa the 3 Series range is also manufactured at the BMW Plant Rosslyn, where the four door model is built for local markets and exported to the likes of America. 2015 marks the 40 year anniversary of the 3 series model range, a terrific milestone for the manufacturer and the owners who have enjoyed such offerings over the course of its production.

Evolution 2 Motorsport and its founder Alec Ceprnich has also enjoyed an esteemed history with the BMW 3 series model range. During the 1980’s until 2004, Alec was at the forefront of building, developing and preparing numerous 3 series model race cars, enjoying much success. Through this exposure much respect was gained for this vehicle which translated into Alec and family owning numerous 3 series road going models over the past few years.“The 3 series model has always been at the forefront of BMW sales, especially within South Africa,” explains Alec. “The model is still today the most important for BMW, in the years gone past the car has fulfilled a critical role from a marketing perspective through being the model of choice to represent BMW in motorsport circles both locally and abroad. The notion of win on Saturday, sell on Monday was a core element for this range of BMW's, as consumers saw for themselves the magnitude of abilities these vehicles possessed.


Benefits of an Oil Change

Alec and the Evolution 2 Motorsport Technicians recommend that customers at the very least have an oil change done every 15000km (or once a year, if you do limited driving) on your beloved vehicle. An oil change for your vehicle provides several benefits that can keep you behind the wheel of the same model for over 300000kms (which is great news for those customers wanting to hold onto their BMW's once their Motorplan has expired):

  • Ensures optimal engine performance
  • Prevents engine dirt and debris accumulation
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Produces less harmful emissions


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