From the Driver's Seat

From the drivers seat
Some say he's a racing driver...
Some say he's a mechanic...
Some say he doesn't register speed...

All we know, is that he is Evolution 2 Motorsport's "man of mystery". The 'Gooch' gives us his thoughts all motoring-related.

Benefits of an Oil Change

Alec and the Evolution 2 Motorsport Technicians recommend that customers at the very least have an oil change done every 15000km (or once a year, if you do limited driving) on your beloved vehicle. An oil change for your vehicle provides several benefits that can keep you behind the wheel of the same model for over 300000kms (which is great news for those customers wanting to hold onto their BMW's once their Motorplan has expired):

  • Ensures optimal engine performance
  • Prevents engine dirt and debris accumulation
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Produces less harmful emissions


A legend is brought to life

With the support of BMW South Africa, Alec Ceprnich and his son Bruce of Evolution 2 Motorsport converted a chestnut-coloured BMW 635 CSi Coupé into a racing car.

It is modelled on the BMW 635 CSi Group A, in Original BMW Parts design, run by BMW Team Schnitzer. Alec and Bruce Ceprnich began the project five years ago. “A friend called my dad  and informed him that a contact was wanting to sell a left hand drive BMW 635 CSi that he currently had at his workshop in Johannesburg,” says Bruce Ceprnich. “That was the starting point to begin work on assembling our dream racing car.”


We have a heart beat

'Life' is defined by a heart beat: if a heart beats, then there is life. If their is no heart beat then there is no pulse, no breath, no exchange of oxygen to the blood cells. The same can be said of cars.

With no engine (the 'heart') a car will not move under its own power.


topCar Article: BMW CSL Batmobile

FOR A MOMENT I’m Hans-Joachim ’Strietzel’ Stuck, full-chat in a CSL Batmobile, arguably the archetypal saloon racer (both car and driver!) from the mid-1970s and a combination that cemented BMW’s reputation as a purveyor of involving, well-engineered performance cars. In my mind’s eye the inside front wheel is pawing the air, the tail squatting and squirming – a stance that is so typical of cars of the era – as I feed in the power while a gaggle of Porsches snap at my heels. In reality I’m guiding a replica Bat fairly gingerly onto the main straight at Zwartkops, feeling out the grip from the Avon slicks and watching the lanky needle of the huge VDO rev counter  climb towards the 7000 mark. The straight-six is really starting to sing and what was an odd, off-beat and almost rotary-like three-into-one exhaust thrum in the pit lane has risen to a stirring and evocative wail.

It sounds brilliant from within the tube-festooned interior, the experience aided by the absence of side windows – something that will be corrected soon. I imagine it sounds equally stirring to a group of interested observers leaning on the pit wall, especially with the dual fat pipes exiting on the right of the car, sending sound waves over the rise of the circuit’s infield and up towards the pits complex. The red line is marked at 8000, but I’d agreed beforehand not to exceed 7000 and achieving lap times is not the object of the exercise anyway. As always, my goal is to get a feel of the machine and appreciate it in context of the era in which it competed.


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