From the Driver's Seat

From the drivers seat
Some say he's a racing driver...
Some say he's a mechanic...
Some say he doesn't register speed...

All we know, is that he is Evolution 2 Motorsport's "man of mystery". The 'Gooch' gives us his thoughts all motoring-related.

Exciting unveiling at BMW Concourse event

All aspects related to BMW Motorsport in 2012 have been exciting. The manufacturers return to DTM, after some 25 years of absence, has been exciting and sparked further interest in the series. Television ratings are up, fans are packing the stadiums and most importantly BMW is back to winning ways.

Internationally these happenings have been incredibly exciting for BMW supporters across the globe. Locally, however, fans have also been treated to unveiling and showcasing of the world’s first F30 BMW 3 series race car. Unleashed on South African circuits a few weeks after its official launch, the beautifully presented racers, encompassing the traditional M colours definitely looked and sounded the part, what’s more the car took victory on debut.


How much value do you get from your car’s service plan

There is a thought trail that exists among many consumers that once a car has come out of it's service plan it is time to sell it and move onto a newer model. However with the pricing of new cars continually on the rise, many cannot afford to go this route. They are then faced with the conundrum and fear that due to their vehicle being out of service plan the cost to maintain them would exceed their budgets.

Many will recognize the fact that a new cars actual value as the service plan built into it. Therefore, when taking your car for a service at a dealer, then collecting it once work has been completed you simply get in and drive out without having to dig into your pockets to pay for the job. However you have already paid for this service, and in many cases the work carried out does not come near to the actual value you have put forward. This is due to manufacturers calculating how many services your vehicle will require of a period of time. They will estimate the cost of these intervals to come up with a figure of how much to add onto the car’s selling price.


A shift in focus

A suitable saying highlights the power money has, it seems that if your wallet is full of the ‘greens’ you have the power to do anything. Seemingly in this day and age money and how much you got plays a huge role in your purchasing ability and how extravagant you can go.

How do these elements affect our motoring industry. Cars are becoming more expensive, a Golf GTI exceeds a quarter of a million Rand, while the new BMW 1M is half a million Rand. The BMW M3 is nudging a million Rand, while top end Mercedes Benz models are exceeding a million bucks. The markets have changed, years ago a car designed for the masses is now a top end executive saloon. In stark contrast entry models that introduce customers to the brand have now become the economical, at a price, choices for buyers.


10 best Track Cars raced in South Africa

South African motorsport is filled with many moments and memories that remain in a many a enthusiasts mind. These are primarily filled by the cars and drivers that took our local tracks and entertained supporters who yearned for their favored combination to take victory laurels.

With this being the case many will argue, passionately, on which car they see as the best in South African motorsport. Evolution 2 Motorsport have drafted the ten best race cars that we feel captured the minds of the spectators in the stands who paid money to come watch them. These cars today remain legends to many and enthusiasts still believe that the race cars of today are no match for them. Here they are.


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