From the Driver's Seat

From the drivers seat
Some say he's a racing driver...
Some say he's a mechanic...
Some say he doesn't register speed...

All we know, is that he is Evolution 2 Motorsport's "man of mystery". The 'Gooch' gives us his thoughts all motoring-related.

The Legends - SA Festival of Motoring

The Game Changer - Tony Viana's Group 1 BMW 745iThe original Tony Viana Winfield Group 1 BMW E23 745i race car will be part of a special display at the 2017 South African Festival of Motoring, at Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit.

The Legends

The South African Motoring Experience powered by the SA Festival of Motoring will provide a thrilling interactive experience with both on and off track action. Motoring and Motorsport fans will be treated to an unforgettable experience of both sight and sound with top level activations from the secondary pit upper platform area.

Both current and past motorsport legends will be honored at the show. Show goers will be able to interact with icons of motorsport such as Sarel van der Merwe, Ian Scheckter and Arnold Chatz, to name only a few. Commemorations on track to legends past will include tributes to Tony Viana, Eddie Keizan and other legends of motorsport. Cars celebrating the 50th Anniversary of both the Perana and Gunston sponsorship will also take to the track. The sight and sounds of iconic race drivers and cars sure to stir the passion and history of the past.


The legend that BMW Germany almost said ‘nein!’ to

The legendary BMW E23 745i racecar on the Aldo Scribante racetrack. Picture: Rob Till/BMW SAWhile the BMW M760Li might be at home on the track, it is not a real track car, unlike the 1984 E23 745i, writes Mark Smyth.

If you are fortunate enough to be one of those who wafts to the office in the morning in a BMW 7 Series, then you will appreciate all the comfort and technology that you are surrounded by.

You will probably also appreciate that as a BMW it has a certain level of driver dynamics should the mood take you, but it’s a seven, it’s not a racecar is it? There was a time, though, when it was.

Back in 1984 Bernd Pischets-rieder was in charge of production, development, purchasing and logistics at BMW SA. He went on to become chairman at BMW AG, then boss of VW before his present position on the board of Daimler and chairman of Munich Reinsurance.

Pischetsrieder is a powerful man in the auto industry and one who likes a unique project. Granted, his decision to buy Rover while at BMW was not a great item on his CV, nor was his purchase of Land Rover, but he did buy Mini and that worked out rather well.


Legendary BMW 745i Winfield race cars make a special appearance at the BMW M media track experience in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Photo Credit: Rob TillPort Elizabeth, South Africa – The legendary BMW (E23) 745i Winfield race cars made a special appearance at the BMW M media track experience held at the Aldo Scribante Raceway in Port Elizabeth on 31 May and 1 June 2017.

It was in 1985 when the late Tony Viana and mechanic, Kobus van der Watt, decided to embark on a project to build the world’s first ever BMW 7 Series race car. Their objective was to utilise the powerful 3.0i litre (M88) engine of the BMW (E23) 745i engine. It worked and Viana went onto win the 1985 Group One Championship, making it the first ever BMW 7 Series race car in motorsport worldwide.

In 2006 the Evolution 2 Motorsport team, led by experienced BMW technician Alec Ceprnich, restored the car to its former glory for motor racing connoisseur and former team mate of Tony Viana, Paolo Cavalieri. The car attracts enthusiasts who remember Viana power sliding the BMW 745i around Sunset Corner at the old Kyalami Raceway, beating the likes of Alfa Romeo and Ford to victory.

Although currently driven by Cavalieri, the Viana machine lives true to its heritage of remaining immaculate and a great tribute to BMW’s local racing achievements. This can be attributed to the precision and pride shown by the Evolution 2 Motorsport crew through their efforts in preparing and presenting the car at race events.


Race Report: Passion for Speed Festival 2017

Paolo on his way to overall victory (Photo: Paul Blackburn)27th and 28th January 2017: The Festival of Speed at Zwartkops Raceway has become the official "start" to the motorsport calendar in South Africa. It is unique in that international motor racers from overseas take on the locals.

Preparations for this weekend start months before, and the Evolution 2 Motorsport team turned out some very professional race machinery, probably more suitable in prestige collector museums, however they were in the thick of the action, challenging and fortunately bringing home a significant amount of silverware. The drivers, Paolo Cavalieri, Jaki Scheckter and Mike Briggs, all legends, drove exceptionally well in what was some difficult race conditions, especially the first heats which were declared as wet.

It was wonderful seeing Mike Briggs driving his biggest rivals original car, the Tony Viana's Winfield BMW E30 325i Shadowline, plus even beating his very own Opel Superboss, beautiful race car too and well driven.


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