Evolution 2 Motorsport - 40 Years of Motoring Passion!

Evolution 2 Motorsport - 40 Years of Motoring Passion!

Where it all began: Experience within any field is vital. Attaining this can only be achieved through surrounding one’s self with those who have the grey hairs and chapped hands when proving their knowledge and expertise within a field. For Alec Ceprnich it all began when he achieved top marks in his apprentice theory class, leading to him being sent to work alongside top motor men. After a couple of years of working on the bench, Alec started his relationship with the BMW Brand.

Later he would join BMW Dealer JSN Motors, to head up their Service Department. Alec enjoyed eighteen years of aftersales excellence, JSN Motors was recognized during the 1980’s and early 1990’s as the best BMW service agent in South Africa. While seeing to the daily duties of the all Workshop activities, it was after hours where the fun was to be had. Here friendships and memories were established that would last forever, as many stories about life in the fast lane are still told and cherished.

SA Racing Legends, the Group N BMW E30'sAlec along with longtime friend Peter Kaye-Eddie pursued their interest and passion for motor racing. The two had been associated for many years, however with JSN Motors link with the Schnitzer tuning agency, an idea infiltrated into the dealer to become involved with motor racing and supporting the already established racer Robbi Smith. The JSN Motors team, as it would become to be known through the degrees of success they experienced over the years, entered and raced some very special machinery: BMW E12/8 M535i’s, BMW E30 333i Modified, BMW E30 325i Shadowline Group N and the very popular BMW E30 325is Evo II Group N. Ceprnich and Kaye-Eddie shared many successful moments, a highlight for them was Smith taking the 1993 Class A and overall Stannic Group N title with the JSN Motors Firestone/ Firehawk BMW 325is. They managed to fend off the efforts of the factory BMW and Opel Motorsport entries, and with full support from the factory they went onto win the 1993 Castrol 9 hour endurance event that took place at the Killarney race circuit. Here Smith was partnered by Geoff Goddard, the pair went onto to dominate the event with their BMW 325is.

Alec then began another chapter in his career when he joined Auto Bavaria Group as Service Manager. Soon the Ceprnich and Kaye-Eddie friendship enticed the Auto Bavaria Dealer Network to get involved with local motorsport through the support of a BMW E36 325i, with more Class A and Castrol endurance victories added to their tally.

In 1997 Alec decided that the time had come to take the plunge and open a business of his own, as the timing was perfect as he had built up an expansive customer network. A reasonably spaced workshop area in Barbeque Downs/ Kyalami was acquired, perfect for Alec to service road cars and also to continue his interests with motorsport as the building is a stones throw away from the Kyalami Race Circuit. The business was named Evolution 2 Motorsport, dually in remembrance of the legendary BMW E30 325is Evo II that provided so much success on the race track and was a popular 'street buy' due to what the overall package offered.

The same formula applied, during the week Alec would attend to his customer’s needs, on the weekend he would go racing. In 1997 Peter Kaye-Eddie purchased the championship winning E36 BMW 328i from Group N champion Grant Van Schalkwyk. Geoff Goddard piloted the car during the first half of the season, during the second half touring car star Anthony Taylor was drafted into the team to spear head the attack for 1998. Taylor and his Evolution 2 Motorsport BMW became a force to be reckoned with, winning countless races, making him an outright championship contender. Taylor would receive what was effectively the first race car built in house by Evolution 2 Motorsport, a BMW 328i which would win first time out. New team mate Steve Wyndam would take over Taylor’s old racer and ride shotgun for the remainder of the season in an effort to beat the factory backed Nissan Maxima’s. Had in not been for unsportsmanlike tactics from Nissan Anthony may have gone onto win the Class A title which he lost by half a point, still a credible effort from what was a privately run team.

In the years to come the Evolution 2 Motorsport crew carried on building, developing and preparing race winning production BMW race cars. The new E46 BMW 328i driven by Geoff Goddard won first time out in Port Elizabeth, a world first for that 3 series chassis. From here Evolution 2 Motorsport and Kaye-Eddie continued in Class A entering BMW’s for the likes of Reghard Roets, Ettiene van der Linde, Gavin Kelsey, Anthony Taylor, Graeme Nathan, Hennie Groenewald, Steven Morris and Johan Fourie.

Caring for the Classics

 Service Repairs for modern Vehicles

After an illustrious and successful stint in the National South African racing series, Alec was approached in 2005, by ex-works BMW SA Driver and now race car connoisseur Paolo Cavalieri (of Pablo Clark Racing) to restore and build up the late Tony Viana’s Group One Winfield BMW 745i. Towards the end of 2006 Cavalieri bought and imported a beautiful 1966 Ferrari 250 GTM race car from America. This car was replicated on the original raced by Stirling Moss by the North American Race Team (NART). From here the Evolution 2 Motorsport and Pablo Clark Racing names have become synonymous within historic racing, and they are recognized as the team who have collected and maintained some of the most sort after race cars in South Africa.

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More than 20 years of operation is testament to the business' longevity. Motor racing is the fun part of the business, but Road Cars are the 'bread and butter'.
Alec's priority is for his staff to focus on providing the highest quality of care to our Customers whilst carrying out the necessary Servicing and Repairs in a friendly and efficient manner.  

As of 1st April 2022 Evolution 2 Motorsport's story has evolved further, with a new chapter in a new home in the well-known Kyalami Business Park:
Unit #1
19 Silverstone Crescent
Kyalami Park, Midrand

Our Workmanship is guaranteed, so if you would like some more information or to book an appointment, please feel free to Contact us.

Location: Unit 3, 6 Forssman Address, Barbeque Downs, Kyalami

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Please note that we have moved Workshop Premises, and our new Address is:
Unit #1
19 Silverstone Crescent

Kyalami Park, Midrand

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