Replica BMW 635csi Project

Evolution 2 Motorsport's love for BMW Motorsport continues.

The Original Group A Schnitzer BMW 635csi

In our own way of recognizing BMW Motorsport's phenomenal success and passion, we are very proud to have completed the build of our very own race car: a replica of the Group A Schnitzer BMW 635csi by BMW Team Schnitzer in the 1970's and 1980's (according to the FIA 'build sheet').

Timeline of this Project:

  1. Humble beginnings which paved way for incredible journey
  2. Sacrilege to strive for stardom
  3. No turning back now…
  4. From a Sports Coupe to a thoroughbred Racer
  5. Time to add some color to this picture
  6. What you got under your bonnet boet?
  7. Establishing a central core to build upon
  8. Time to add some spark under the 635csi's bonnet
  9. An important day and a milestone for the 635csi build
  10. Key support of partners during the journey
  11. The last piece of the puzzle - the BBS Centre Lock Rims
  12. A true art form taking shape
  13. Unveiled - Sunday, 31st August 2014: Public unveiling of our replica BMW E24 635csi Project at the BMW Car Club Concours d’Elegance, at Montecasino
  14. Saturday, 27th September 2014: Our big day out. First on-track test of the replica Schnitzer BMW E24 635csi race car
  15. Monday, 10th November 2014: Article on the Official BMW Motorsport website; "A legend is brought to life"
  16. December 2014: Our replica Schnitzer BMW E24 635csi race car is featured in the January 2015 issue of TopCar Magazine
  17. Tuesday, 13th January 2015: The February 2015 BMW Car Magazine is released in digital format, featuring our Schnitzer BMW E24 635csi replica race car
  18. 14th March 2015: Video of Bruce during a test session at Zwartkops Race Track


Humble beginnings which paved way for incredible journey

1st step: find a BMW E24 635csiBuilding a race car is like watching a child grow up and develop into a well matured and wise operator. Building race cars for clients presents a privileged opportunity, however it is always difficult to hand over the keys to the paying client and bid a temporary farewell to an entity you have poured hours of blood, sweat and sometimes tears.

After an extensive career in motorsport Alec Ceprnich had always sat on this side of the fence. He built many a race machine for teams and race car enthusiasts, all of which gave him great joy, however an empty feeling existed as none theoretically belonged to him. What’s more Alec’s two sons, Gavin and Bruce, shared similar sentiments and through this the conversations and planning started. Before obtaining sign-off and authorisation from the executive board of the Ceprnich household, that is Alec’s wife and the sons mom, the search began for an effective platform on which to build a race car.


Sacrilege to strive for stardom

The E24 6 series which possessed stunning design credentialsThe maroon BMW 635csi’s life with Evolution 2 Motorsport began in a somewhat subdued fashion. Due to the other race projects that required completion and the daily servicing of customer vehicles, the car remained in standard road form for a few months.

In this time it did receive some attention, general maintenance was carried out and a proper valet was issued as it seemed this example had an interesting lifespan. Its papers depicted that at the beginning of its lifespan it was indeed an automatic version and the paint finish the car now wore was not how it left the production line. This did not matter as after all the car was a 6 series which possessed stunning design credentials, many who came to see the purchase remarked that it would be sacrilege to strip this road car and make it into a racer.

Due to this it was decided to drive and enjoy the car as it was, while deciding the best way to approach this project. A restoration was in order, whether it be in road or race form. A lot of work and detailing was needed on the car, the interior had seen better days and a lot of the running gear was past its days of use. If it was stripped and made into a race car what specifications would we follow, and what would be needed in order to complete the project.


No turning back now…

Stripping has begun... no turning backThe big day had arrived. Our maroon friend was parked outside and looked a tad ominous, similar to taking your dog to the vet, sitting in the waiting room for its annual check-up. The Evolution 2 Motorsport workshop was being prepped, a bay was being set aside for the 635csi as the team got ready for surgery.

After some months of living the life of a normal road car, being driven on the roads of Gauteng, breaking down outside Monte Casino, scaring the daylights out of other road users due its loud exhaust and rather peculiar choice in colour, collecting take-out and being directed by street hawkers to the front of the robot due another commuter breaking down in the mighty 6’s lane, the time had come …

Tool boxes were opened and so the dismantling of the Evolution 2 Motorsport 635csi began. As the team meticulously took each part off, one after another, thoughts started developing about from this point how the project would turn out and in the end what the finished product would turn out to be. During the stripping of the car one aspect will never be disregarded, how well these old BMW’s are put together. They are built like ships and although compared to today’s standards some parts may seem a tad agricultural in design and use of material, one thing is for sure, have an accident in one of these, whatever you hit will come off second best.


From a Sports Coupe to a thoroughbred Racer

Roll Cage adds strength to the 635csi ChassisWhat makes a standard production car, coupe or sports car a fully fledged racing machine? To many they are called the 'go faster bits', however Evolution 2 Motorsport sees such as the fundamentals in the making of a true track warrior.

However what are these bits that many in the motorsport know and enthusiasts profess about? Bruce Ceprnich, a Motor Insurance practitioner by trade, explains his understanding and importance of such additions in the build process of a road car to racer;

"Through my up bringing and years of living I have been exposed to the many elements that go into building a race car. The starting point, for production car/ touring car racing, is a body shell or chassis as many Motorsport experts refer to. The best starting point here is to obtain a BMW chassis, this is the core of your race project and it is essential you start off with a good, solid platform.


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