Sacrilege to strive for stardom

The E24 6 series which possessed stunning design credentialsThe maroon BMW 635csi’s life with Evolution 2 Motorsport began in a somewhat subdued fashion. Due to the other race projects that required completion and the daily servicing of customer vehicles, the car remained in standard road form for a few months.

In this time it did receive some attention, general maintenance was carried out and a proper valet was issued as it seemed this example had an interesting lifespan. Its papers depicted that at the beginning of its lifespan it was indeed an automatic version and the paint finish the car now wore was not how it left the production line. This did not matter as after all the car was a 6 series which possessed stunning design credentials, many who came to see the purchase remarked that it would be sacrilege to strip this road car and make it into a racer.

Due to this it was decided to drive and enjoy the car as it was, while deciding the best way to approach this project. A restoration was in order, whether it be in road or race form. A lot of work and detailing was needed on the car, the interior had seen better days and a lot of the running gear was past its days of use. If it was stripped and made into a race car what specifications would we follow, and what would be needed in order to complete the project.

After much thinking it was decided to stick to the original plan and develop a race car out of the 6 series donor body. An iconic racer during the 80’s due to the series it competed in, the rivals it raced and the livery applied was the Group A Schnitzer BMW 635csi. This package with its beautiful Genuine BMW Parts artwork was the ultimate endurance package to compete in Europe at that time. It saw off Rover V8’s, Jaguar V12’s, Ford Sierra Turbo’s and Volvo Turbo’s. In the hands of the crack Schnitzer team, driven by legends such as Gerhard Berger, Roberto Ravaglia, Marc Surer, Hans Stuck, Dieter Quester and Emmanuel Pirro, the 6 was the car to beat and due to this became a favoured customer racer for privately entered teams.

Bringing back to the consideration from an Evolution 2 Motorsport perspective, the maroon 6 Series presented an opportunity for the team to build a race car that had never been seen by many in South Africa. Many enthusiasts had seen pictures of the car, but never before had an example raced on local circuits. In addition producing a replica of the Schnitzer example would present a challenging prospect, firstly the livery which showcases all the parts and components that make up a 6 series being displayed as artwork on the body flanks and the very rare BBS centre lock rims with which the car raced.

Considering all of this and more it was decided that this project would present an ideal challenge for the Evolution 2 Motorsport team as the set upon re-producing a rare occasion, something that is what dreams are made of and importantly an adventure that no-one a part of the project would ever forget.
A sacrilege to strip this road car & make it into a racer?The 1st phase: stripping







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