No turning back now…

Stripping has begun... no turning backThe big day had arrived. Our maroon friend was parked outside and looked a tad ominous, similar to taking your dog to the vet, sitting in the waiting room for its annual check-up. The Evolution 2 Motorsport workshop was being prepped, a bay was being set aside for the 635csi as the team got ready for surgery.

After some months of living the life of a normal road car, being driven on the roads of Gauteng, breaking down outside Monte Casino, scaring the daylights out of other road users due its loud exhaust and rather peculiar choice in colour, collecting take-out and being directed by street hawkers to the front of the robot due another commuter breaking down in the mighty 6’s lane, the time had come …

Tool boxes were opened and so the dismantling of the Evolution 2 Motorsport 635csi began. As the team meticulously took each part off, one after another, thoughts started developing about from this point how the project would turn out and in the end what the finished product would turn out to be. During the stripping of the car one aspect will never be disregarded, how well these old BMW’s are put together. They are built like ships and although compared to today’s standards some parts may seem a tad agricultural in design and use of material, one thing is for sure, have an accident in one of these, whatever you hit will come off second best.

The 6 being loaded on trailer to have its 1st & most important component - a rollcageIt took just over two weeks to take the 635csi a part, the front and rear bumpers proving quite a task due to their sheer weight and bulk to manoeuvre off from the chassis and carefully place on the workshop floor. Due to the first stage of the rebuild being that the car needed a roll cage fitted, it was decided that suspension, brakes, engine and gearbox be left in the car to ensure it remains easy to move around.

First phase of the project down, although the 6 series looked a little worse for wear it was no turning back now as proceedings were well underway. Although all concerned were somewhat sad that the maroon commuter had been temporarily been put to sleep, excitement flowed through everyone. The week proceeding the final dis-assembly points would see the 6 being transported via trailer to have its first and most important component fitted as it took its first steps towards becoming the racer we all dreamed it would be.

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