From a Sports Coupe to a thoroughbred Racer

Roll Cage adds strength to the 635csi ChassisWhat makes a standard production car, coupe or sports car a fully fledged racing machine? To many they are called the 'go faster bits', however Evolution 2 Motorsport sees such as the fundamentals in the making of a true track warrior.

However what are these bits that many in the motorsport know and enthusiasts profess about? Bruce Ceprnich, a Motor Insurance practitioner by trade, explains his understanding and importance of such additions in the build process of a road car to racer;

"Through my up bringing and years of living I have been exposed to the many elements that go into building a race car. The starting point, for production car/ touring car racing, is a body shell or chassis as many Motorsport experts refer to. The best starting point here is to obtain a BMW chassis, this is the core of your race project and it is essential you start off with a good, solid platform.

It is important to take into consideration budding regional, club and historic competitors, much like myself.. Checking a body for rust, accident damage and structural integrity are key in ensuring you do not face any challenges or disappoints during the build process. Once confident the selected chassis meets such requirements the 'go faster bits' need to be added. These additions centre on a roll cage, which has a primary focus on providing a driver the necessary protection through forming a safety cell around the driver. However an effective roll cage design effectively strengthens the overall chassis, makes it more rigid and therefore has the ability to improve handling through such efforts.

Sounds easy on paper, however for a roll cage to perform and provide such results it needs to be designed properly and be made up of the most efficient materials. Roll cages add weight to your chassis, the more structural integrity you add, the heavier your car will become, therefore the overall design needs to speak to the chassis it is being installed into, remember my BMW remark earlier regarding choosing the best base. Such weight reductions can be assisted through utilizing chrome-moly tubing for the make-up of the cage. Welding all this together and ensuring all angles represent calculations estimated is critical in having a race car project build start on the correct footing."

Chassis stripped and Roll Cage in before paintingThat was the basics on installing a roll cage into a racer, imagine if Alec Ceprnich put forward an explanation for this article? So you see building a race car is not a straight forward exercise and aspects such has fitting a suitable roll cage is one point in the build process.

The Evolution 2 Motorsport 635csi race car build went through such developments of having a roll cage fitted and the necessary pick up points and suspension struts modified. The team even put the 6 series on a diet through lightening of certain components such as door mechanisms being cut out, doing away of unnecessary bits that are required within a road car, but not a race car.

Once all such body preparations and work were completed the 635csi went for sand blasting to remove the original paint from the maroon road car, a coat of paint can weigh up to 40 kg's, therefore upon building a race car it is important all such elements are stripped off the body, instead of merely respraying over the original paint color.

The 6 returned back to base representing race car like qualities. Although it looked far from superior compared to when the project started, the team was a step closer to their overall goal.

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