Time to add some color to this picture

The Schnitzer 635csi's were identified by a red interior & white exteriorThe platform had been transformed, but it was time for the canvas to receive some much needed color. Building a race car is an art, where attention to detail and precision are paramount.

The Evolution 2 Motorsport BMW 635csi race car was to be a replication of the original Schnitzer Group A touring cars that competed in Europe fielding BMW's 'Genuine BMW Parts' livery. Therefore in order for Evolution 2 Motorsport to begin their journey of fulfilling this objective through having a exterior base color of white applied to the 6 series shell.

Due to this being a replication, Evolution 2 Motorsport needed to focus and address certain areas of attention to detail to ensure the replication was as true to the original racer as possible.

"Schnitzer Motorsport race cars of the 80's and early 90's evoked a special quality to differentiate themselves from fellow BMW teams who competed with and against them," explains Alec Ceprnich. "During these years a lot of the cars ran with similar type liveries due to the respective teams being supported by BMW Motorsport. To show differentiation, Schnizter used to spray race cars like their 635csi touring cars red on the inside, engine bay, under carriage and boot. Thus with regards to our replication build, we needed to do the same."

Evolution 2 Motorsport commissioned for the interior, engine bay, under carriage and boot to be powder coated red to best represent the original racers. On the exterior Cornright Motors fulfilled the requirements of applying the white exterior paint finishing, giving the E24 a new identity and look.

Alec Ceprnich clearly remembers the day the body arrived back at Evolution 2 Motorsport home base after these portions of the project were completed, "We were all tremendously excited as this was the starting point that represented the official start of putting the car together. I immediately took the opportunity to snap up some pictures of the body, before we washed it down and bolted some stands to the undercarriage."

The Evolution 2 Motorsport 635csi took up its space in the workshop where the team would work towards building this race car and fulfilling the Ceprnich family's overall dream.

The distinct red interior, just like the Schnitzer cars

 The official start of building the car



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