What you got under your bonnet boet?

New Exhaust BranchesThe core of any car is its engine. The power plant allows one bragging rights, especially in racing circles, and is the heart that propels race cars to take on and beat their competitors.

Luckily for this 635csi build in question, it's heart would be engineered and fettled by Alec Ceprnich, a renowned and respected engine builder and a man who knows how to get the best out of normally aspirated engines, especially that of a BMW.

While the 635csi body was off site having its body prepared and paint work applied, Alec took upon himself to source a brand new engine, strip it, send key components away for some special treatment, exhaust branches and system developed and manufactured by Etienne van der Linde of Van der Linde Systems. From here Alec worked his magic and made use of his vast amounts of experience in terms of what is required to build a powerful, yet reliable motor.

Once the engine build had been completed by Alec and his signed and sealed approval was done, the Evolution 2 Motorsport team went about fitting the engine to the body shell to mock up all pick up point and ensure exhaust branches cleared the chassis legs, while also checking how the beautifully crafted side exit exhaust bolted to the chassis and looked.

Happy with the work carried out and the overall process now mapped, the team now had a picture to work with regarding what next was required for the build and what further components could be fitted.

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