Establishing a central core to build upon

Dash and Steering Column & Wheel are fittedThe Evolution 2 Motorsport team has progressed from having their 635csi body shell painted according to the required colors of red in the interior, engine bay, under carriage and boot, while white was applied to the exterior. Legendary engine builder Alec Ceprnich applied his experience and expertise to building the race engine and now the team had the core basics for this car to build upon.

The time had come to begin fitting important parts, fabricating components and developing an all new wiring harness. With a shell and a engine, the next step in the process was to fit the original 635csi dash unit and steering rack. Our readers may wonder why this was the chosen step in this build process.

The dash of any car, no matter road or race, is the central hub of all forms and functions of a vehicle and thus behind it sits all important operation modules and wiring that allows key areas to work and for the car to run optimally. Therefore with the dash board and steering rack fitted, the team could get onto sorting out all wiring for the car and putting such together according to the lay out of the dash and fire wall of the 635csi shell, while also seeing what space limitations lay ahead and thus develop a wiring harness to cater for what the environment within the car allowed.

Interestingly, although a relatively new race car build and only within its first steps of completion the Evolution 2 Motorsport BMW 635csi was invited to attend the 2011 Top Gear Festival which took place at Kyalami. The thought behind having the car at the show was the brain child of Paolo Cavalieri who wanted to show, along with his E9 BMW CSL Batmobile build, also being carried out by Evolution 2 Motorsport, crowds that passed through the exhibition centre at the festival what it takes to build a race car. The Evolution 2 Motorsport 635csi therefore had began its show days at an early stage of its racing life and proudly was a popular show piece on the stand.

After four days of stardom and numerous pictures the 6 made its way back to the workshop to resume it's build process and take the steps to becoming the race car the Evolution 2 Motorsport team envisaged it to be.

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