Time to add some spark under the 635csi's bonnet

Race Engine awaits its new wiring harnessHaving starred at the 2011 Top Gear Festival and the Evolution 2 Motorsport team being blown away by the reception of crowds at the show, all concerned in the team were fully motivated to make further progress on the build.

With the engine fitted, dash inserted and front grills, lights and rear tail lights carefully placed on the newly painted body shell, the team had the basics in place to put a brand new wiring harness together and allow all electronics to work in unison.

The reason for a complete new harness was due to the original cars wiring weighing excessive amounts as it needed to power numerous functions that the racer no longer is required to do. In addition during its road form the road car's wiring had been tampered with to allow for an aftermarket sound system and various alarm systems to be fitted, therefore it was common logic a new harness would be far better.

Although a mechanic by day fulfilling the duty of servicing many Evolution 2 Motorsport customer vehicles, Wade Noble is highly skilled and talented when I comes to all types of wiring. This project however would be a challenge for Wade who had never applied his skills to such a task.

The wiring of the race car was a lengthy under study, however such work provided the opening for other facets of the race car to be completed. During putting the wiring harness together Wade beautifully fabricated the dash board which a fitted all required VDO instrument dials, and main battery terminal where the wiring would extend from the front end of the car to the back.

With these additions the 635csi began to become alive as major functions like lights, battery power fuel pump, starter, internal cockpit fan, external fan, windscreen wiper and driver side window switch. In an effort to focus on attention to detail Wade took pride in neatly threading the wiring from the dash to engine bay and throughout the rest of car, in some cases hiding the wires in and amongst the roll cage.

After referring to many flow diagrams of wiring systems for different motor vehicle functionalities Wade was proud of his efforts, upon turning the main battery terminal switch on, all lights on the dash would illuminate in a satisfactory manner, however the biggest test lay ahead, would the electronics and wiring speak to the electronic control unit and fire up the 3.5 liter straight six motor?

Only time would tell ...

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