An important day and a milestone for the 635csi build

Starting the engine - a major milestone on every car projectThe days that have contributed to the months and thus the years are all special occasions. During the 635csi build most of the progress was made by the Evolution 2 Motorsport was done on weekends, therefore it has become a pure labour of love.

A memorable milestone for any race car build is the firing up of the engine for the first time. Normally this takes place towards the end of the build, however due to the engine being one of the first tasks completed in the project and fitted to the car, it became one of the first milestones.

This was also partly due to the fact that technician Wade Noble had done all of the wiring in house and had performed the impressive task of putting together a all new harness. Therefore once completed it was critical to test whether Wade's creation spoke to the electronic control unit, which in turn handles the running of the engine before proceeding with any further steps of the build.

The milestone of achieving this feat provided for an interesting afternoon at a Evolution 2 Motorsport, a day remembered clearly by Bruce Ceprnich.

"When my dad, Alec Ceprnich, informed me on that Saturday that he wanted to try start the engine I honestly believed such was premature. Who am I to question a master of all things related to the mechanicals of cars, but still without a radiator, water bottle, water pump, core electronic switches in place and wiring for the battery being incomplete, this goal of my dad's seemed a tad ambitious. However as the saying goes, where ever there is a will, there is a way, many contraception swerve formulated to assist in starting the 3.5 liter straight six. A bucket and watering can facilitated the cooling, numerous pipes left the engine bay and were fixed to these agricultural looking tools. I even recall the kettle from the workshop being called into duty, not 100 percent sure for what though. Alas it was time to test our method behind the madness and attempt to fire the engine up. After a few attempts and adaptions of what looked like a scientific experiment the engine started under protest. A combination of fuel and a dusty smell filled our nasal passages, while flames dangerously spat out of the side exit exhaust, exciting us all." Click here to hear the 1st time we started the 3.5 liter straight six Engine.

Although the crack Schnitzer team, led by Charl Lamm, might have questioned the first starting procedure of the race car the feat had been achieved under what looked like impossible conditions. Alec Ceprnich wanted further cooling and engine components to be fitted before allowing the motor to reach optimal running temperatures and caress the accelerator pedal and enjoy the sounds emitted from the Van Der Linde System fabricated side exit exhaust. In addition some electronics needed extra work as the engine was not idling properly, sounding more like an anger male lion calling for his mate during cub making season.

The firing up of the engine provided a taste of things to come for this build. Alec Ceprnich performed some mastery in starting the straight 6 engine and again providing a vision of what this 635csi race car will be all about.

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