A true art form taking shape

1st piece of the puzzle - right front passenger door Racing enthusiasts, passionate members of the trade and collectors all believe that certain race cars depict an art form, something of beauty, yet a tangible artifact that exudes simplicity of the highest regard.

Today's automobiles are packed with the latest technology, efficient designs and interiors that would put Queen Elizabeth's bed chamber to shame. Appealing they might be, however there is always something appealing about the cockpit of a race car and the exterior sticker design applied to the bodywork.

Truth be told the original BMW 635csi race cars, as run by Schnitzer Motorsport during the 1980's did not simply race with a livery, the cars competed with an art form that flanked all angles of the E24 body type.

Alec Ceprnich and his son Bruce undertook a dream of replicating this very race car, a key element being the reincarnation of this design run by Schnitzer. For those who are not in the know of what the design comprised of, basically to demonstrate the value of running Genuine BMW Parts in their race cars and the importance of customers with road cars always fitting the original item, BMW took the blue prints of the 6 series and applied all the parts elements from the car to the exterior body panels of the racer.

Therefore the 6 became more of a canvas showcasing some beautiful artistry and detailing seen for its time that the livery has become an iconic memory from this racing period. In order to replicate this design a true artist and magician would be needed to assist Evolution 2 Motorsport fulfill the overall objective.

Due to the complexity of the design and the sheer joy that it was in fact replicated to the tee, no pictures have been shared via this website or other social media platforms of the finished product in terms of the artwork.

What we can share is the steps upon commissioning the best party to fulfill the job. Malcolm Sampson from MS Screen Printing came forward and requested he been tasked with this challenge. Before applying his skills to the entire car Malcolm tried his hand on the right front passenger door and applied a single element of the design to this component. The finished effects provided enough confidence to allow Malcolm to continue on and complete the rest of the body.

Fans will need to wait until the official launch of the car before further details are shared regarding this process of replication the original livery. What we can say is that Evolution 2 Motorsport and their ended ours to replicate the Schnizter 635csi Group A race car attracted the attentions of the man responsible for applying the original livery to the period cars.

From left to right: Alec, Wolfgang and BruceWolfgang Schmidt has the dream contract of handling all BMW Motorsport's sticker work an detailing for all their racing exploits. Therefore Wolfgang was involved during the 635csi and legendary E30 M3 touring car days, BMW exciting Le Mans challenge of 1999, the Formula 1 period where BMW provided engines for Williams and later ran their own operation after purchasing the Sauber F1 team. Today Wolfgang's impressive business does all sticker work for the current BMW DTM teams, the M4 race cars, the transporters and pit set-up that shows off core elements of BMW's marketing ambitions within this series. From Europe to America, Wolfgang is also responsible for all the sticker work applied to the current ALMS BMW Z4 GTE race cars.

An impressive and respected entity who has been around the block and experienced firsthand BMW's Motorsport activities for the past 20 years. This very person was so interested in the Evolution 2 Motorsport 635csi project build he visited the workshop while out in South Africa on holiday. Wolfgang was mightily impressed with the teams replication efforts and could not fault the study and application of the livery onto the car. These words played massive testament to all concerned, especially Malcolm Sampson who really showcased his skill, allowing Alec and his son to truly realize their dream of replicating the original. For this the Ceprnich family are indebted to Malcolm and his wife Lindy for all their efforts and support.

Once official pictures of the car have been launched, either via social media forms or if you one of the lucky few to attend the unveiling, an understanding of the feat accomplished will be realized, to this the entire Evolution 2 Motorsport team cannot wait to share such with family, friends, fellow Motorsport colleagues and fans.

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