Replica BMW 635csi Project

Evolution 2 Motorsport's love for BMW Motorsport continues.

The Original Group A Schnitzer BMW 635csi

In our own way of recognizing BMW Motorsport's phenomenal success and passion, we are very proud to have completed the build of our very own race car: a replica of the Group A Schnitzer BMW 635csi by BMW Team Schnitzer in the 1970's and 1980's (according to the FIA 'build sheet').

Timeline of this Project:

  1. Humble beginnings which paved way for incredible journey
  2. Sacrilege to strive for stardom
  3. No turning back now…
  4. From a Sports Coupe to a thoroughbred Racer
  5. Time to add some color to this picture
  6. What you got under your bonnet boet?
  7. Establishing a central core to build upon
  8. Time to add some spark under the 635csi's bonnet
  9. An important day and a milestone for the 635csi build
  10. Key support of partners during the journey
  11. The last piece of the puzzle - the BBS Centre Lock Rims
  12. A true art form taking shape
  13. Unveiled - Sunday, 31st August 2014: Public unveiling of our replica BMW E24 635csi Project at the BMW Car Club Concours d’Elegance, at Montecasino
  14. Saturday, 27th September 2014: Our big day out. First on-track test of the replica Schnitzer BMW E24 635csi race car
  15. Monday, 10th November 2014: Article on the Official BMW Motorsport website; "A legend is brought to life"
  16. December 2014: Our replica Schnitzer BMW E24 635csi race car is featured in the January 2015 issue of TopCar Magazine
  17. Tuesday, 13th January 2015: The February 2015 BMW Car Magazine is released in digital format, featuring our Schnitzer BMW E24 635csi replica race car
  18. 14th March 2015: Video of Bruce during a test session at Zwartkops Race Track



Taking off the covers..,
Sunday the 31st August 2014 will forever be etched into our memories. This is the day, after a 5 year wait Alec, Bruce, Wade and the rest of the staff pulled off the covers of our very own racing machine at the BMW Car Club Concours d’Elegance at Montecasino.

A very proud day for the Ceprnich family and the Evolution 2 Motorsport Team!

We'd like to thank Johann Venter, Colin van Son and Ryan Herd, of the BMW Car Club Gauteng for affording us the opportunity to unveil our replica BMW E24 635csi Project and to display 2 of our customer racers:

  • the original Tony Viana Winfield BMW E30 325i Shadowline - a racing car very unique to South Africa
  • and, replica BMW E9 3.0 CSL Batmobile (which was unveiled at the 2012 Concours) - 1 of only 2 racing versions in the country.


Our big day out

Looking at home at the trackIf you haven't heard of Australia's "Big Day Out", best you Google it. This is a major highlight in the music industry's calender, where some of the best bands and musicians entertain music lovers. Imagine the joy that festival goers experienced while seeing Pearl Jam play live at this years (2014) event? It might be the same emotions the Evolution 2 Motorsport Team experienced on Saturday the 27th September 2014, as this was the first on-track test of our replica Schnitzer BMW E24 635csi race car.

As this was the first time out for the car, the main aim was to shake down the vehicle and put in some valuable track time. With Alec's longtime friend Paolo Cavalieri (a BMW man through and through, who now owns the only 2 racing BMW E23 745i race cars in the world!) driving. Approximately 40 laps were completed without any major issues (and might we add, some decent lap times set by Paolo). This was the ideal starting point for Alec, Bruce and Wade - they can now start working out the niggles and start developing the car.


A dream come true

Nov 10, 2014 - BMW
Alec and Bruce Ceprnich's 5 year dream of replicating a Schnitzer BMW E24 635csi Race Car came true at the public unveiling on Sunday the 31st August 2014 at Montecasino (thank you to all of you that came through to Montecasino and supported us on the day). In late September we felt the same incredible pride when the BMW 635csi race car turned its wheels on the race track for the first time, at Zwartkops Raceway.

But our minds have been blown this week, because our 635csi race car project made it onto the news section of the BMW Motorsport website and in the BMW Group newsletter. This is hugely special, as the car can be seen alongside other articles that include 2014 DTM Champion Marco Wittman and Alex Zanardi.

Not bad for a small workshop at the bottom of Africa!

To view this article, "A legend is brought to life" (November 10, 2014) click here


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