Replica BMW 635csi Project

Evolution 2 Motorsport's love for BMW Motorsport continues.

The Original Group A Schnitzer BMW 635csi

In our own way of recognizing BMW Motorsport's phenomenal success and passion, we are very proud to have completed the build of our very own race car: a replica of the Group A Schnitzer BMW 635csi by BMW Team Schnitzer in the 1970's and 1980's (according to the FIA 'build sheet').

Timeline of this Project:

  1. Humble beginnings which paved way for incredible journey
  2. Sacrilege to strive for stardom
  3. No turning back now…
  4. From a Sports Coupe to a thoroughbred Racer
  5. Time to add some color to this picture
  6. What you got under your bonnet boet?
  7. Establishing a central core to build upon
  8. Time to add some spark under the 635csi's bonnet
  9. An important day and a milestone for the 635csi build
  10. Key support of partners during the journey
  11. The last piece of the puzzle - the BBS Centre Lock Rims
  12. A true art form taking shape
  13. Unveiled - Sunday, 31st August 2014: Public unveiling of our replica BMW E24 635csi Project at the BMW Car Club Concours d’Elegance, at Montecasino
  14. Saturday, 27th September 2014: Our big day out. First on-track test of the replica Schnitzer BMW E24 635csi race car
  15. Monday, 10th November 2014: Article on the Official BMW Motorsport website; "A legend is brought to life"
  16. December 2014: Our replica Schnitzer BMW E24 635csi race car is featured in the January 2015 issue of TopCar Magazine
  17. Tuesday, 13th January 2015: The February 2015 BMW Car Magazine is released in digital format, featuring our Schnitzer BMW E24 635csi replica race car
  18. 14th March 2015: Video of Bruce during a test session at Zwartkops Race Track


Time to add some color to this picture

The Schnitzer 635csi's were identified by a red interior & white exteriorThe platform had been transformed, but it was time for the canvas to receive some much needed color. Building a race car is an art, where attention to detail and precision are paramount.

The Evolution 2 Motorsport BMW 635csi race car was to be a replication of the original Schnitzer Group A touring cars that competed in Europe fielding BMW's 'Genuine BMW Parts' livery. Therefore in order for Evolution 2 Motorsport to begin their journey of fulfilling this objective through having a exterior base color of white applied to the 6 series shell.

Due to this being a replication, Evolution 2 Motorsport needed to focus and address certain areas of attention to detail to ensure the replication was as true to the original racer as possible.


What you got under your bonnet boet?

New Exhaust BranchesThe core of any car is its engine. The power plant allows one bragging rights, especially in racing circles, and is the heart that propels race cars to take on and beat their competitors.

Luckily for this 635csi build in question, it's heart would be engineered and fettled by Alec Ceprnich, a renowned and respected engine builder and a man who knows how to get the best out of normally aspirated engines, especially that of a BMW.

While the 635csi body was off site having its body prepared and paint work applied, Alec took upon himself to source a brand new engine, strip it, send key components away for some special treatment, exhaust branches and system developed and manufactured by Etienne van der Linde of Van der Linde Systems. From here Alec worked his magic and made use of his vast amounts of experience in terms of what is required to build a powerful, yet reliable motor.


Establishing a central core to build upon

Dash and Steering Column & Wheel are fittedThe Evolution 2 Motorsport team has progressed from having their 635csi body shell painted according to the required colors of red in the interior, engine bay, under carriage and boot, while white was applied to the exterior. Legendary engine builder Alec Ceprnich applied his experience and expertise to building the race engine and now the team had the core basics for this car to build upon.

The time had come to begin fitting important parts, fabricating components and developing an all new wiring harness. With a shell and a engine, the next step in the process was to fit the original 635csi dash unit and steering rack. Our readers may wonder why this was the chosen step in this build process.

The dash of any car, no matter road or race, is the central hub of all forms and functions of a vehicle and thus behind it sits all important operation modules and wiring that allows key areas to work and for the car to run optimally. Therefore with the dash board and steering rack fitted, the team could get onto sorting out all wiring for the car and putting such together according to the lay out of the dash and fire wall of the 635csi shell, while also seeing what space limitations lay ahead and thus develop a wiring harness to cater for what the environment within the car allowed.


Time to add some spark under the 635csi's bonnet

Race Engine awaits its new wiring harnessHaving starred at the 2011 Top Gear Festival and the Evolution 2 Motorsport team being blown away by the reception of crowds at the show, all concerned in the team were fully motivated to make further progress on the build.

With the engine fitted, dash inserted and front grills, lights and rear tail lights carefully placed on the newly painted body shell, the team had the basics in place to put a brand new wiring harness together and allow all electronics to work in unison.

The reason for a complete new harness was due to the original cars wiring weighing excessive amounts as it needed to power numerous functions that the racer no longer is required to do. In addition during its road form the road car's wiring had been tampered with to allow for an aftermarket sound system and various alarm systems to be fitted, therefore it was common logic a new harness would be far better.


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