Replica BMW 635csi Project

Evolution 2 Motorsport's love for BMW Motorsport continues.

The Original Group A Schnitzer BMW 635csi

In our own way of recognizing BMW Motorsport's phenomenal success and passion, we are very proud to have completed the build of our very own race car: a replica of the Group A Schnitzer BMW 635csi by BMW Team Schnitzer in the 1970's and 1980's (according to the FIA 'build sheet').

Timeline of this Project:

  1. Humble beginnings which paved way for incredible journey
  2. Sacrilege to strive for stardom
  3. No turning back now…
  4. From a Sports Coupe to a thoroughbred Racer
  5. Time to add some color to this picture
  6. What you got under your bonnet boet?
  7. Establishing a central core to build upon
  8. Time to add some spark under the 635csi's bonnet
  9. An important day and a milestone for the 635csi build
  10. Key support of partners during the journey
  11. The last piece of the puzzle - the BBS Centre Lock Rims
  12. A true art form taking shape
  13. Unveiled - Sunday, 31st August 2014: Public unveiling of our replica BMW E24 635csi Project at the BMW Car Club Concours d’Elegance, at Montecasino
  14. Saturday, 27th September 2014: Our big day out. First on-track test of the replica Schnitzer BMW E24 635csi race car
  15. Monday, 10th November 2014: Article on the Official BMW Motorsport website; "A legend is brought to life"
  16. December 2014: Our replica Schnitzer BMW E24 635csi race car is featured in the January 2015 issue of TopCar Magazine
  17. Tuesday, 13th January 2015: The February 2015 BMW Car Magazine is released in digital format, featuring our Schnitzer BMW E24 635csi replica race car
  18. 14th March 2015: Video of Bruce during a test session at Zwartkops Race Track


An important day and a milestone for the 635csi build

Starting the engine - a major milestone on every car projectThe days that have contributed to the months and thus the years are all special occasions. During the 635csi build most of the progress was made by the Evolution 2 Motorsport was done on weekends, therefore it has become a pure labour of love.

A memorable milestone for any race car build is the firing up of the engine for the first time. Normally this takes place towards the end of the build, however due to the engine being one of the first tasks completed in the project and fitted to the car, it became one of the first milestones.

This was also partly due to the fact that technician Wade Noble had done all of the wiring in house and had performed the impressive task of putting together a all new harness. Therefore once completed it was critical to test whether Wade's creation spoke to the electronic control unit, which in turn handles the running of the engine before proceeding with any further steps of the build.


Key support of partners during the journey

Partnerships within any project or relationship are key to assisting and guiding one to reach their dreams and aspirations. Through the build of the Evolution 2 Motorsport BMW 635csi, the support from the likes of BMW SA, BMW Motorsport and Schnitzer Motorsport has been sensational.

These interactions that Evolution 2 Motorsport experienced during the build of the 6 has been overwhelming, once again emphasizing the family nature that exudes within BMW's overall genes in how the treat effective customers like Evolution 2 Motorsport.

Obtaining parts for a classic car, such as the E24 BMW 635csi is no easy feat. Together Alec Ceprnich and Jose Perreria, who now lives in Australia (ex-JSN Motors), who worked long hours sourcing all the BMW Part Numbers required for the cosmetics of the project. Once the substantial list was drawn up it sent through to the team, or should we say family, at BMW SA.


The last piece of the puzzle

The real deal - our BMW 635csi is shod with genuine BBS Rims (Photo: Oliver Hirtenfelder)Alec, Bruce and Wade identified the 3 main key components in replicating the Schnitzer BMW 635csi’s of the 80’s as:

  • A left-hand drive BMW E24 635csi (check!)
  • A reliable and strong engine (check!)
  • Solid mechanics (check!)
  • The 'x-ray artwork' and the correct BMW stripe colours (check!)
  • And then the BBS Centre Lock Rims

Each of the components above provided their own challenges, but none more than the rims. It would have been easy for the team to just source 5 stud rims from the local wheel shop, or a BMW scrapyard but Alec and the team were determined to honor Schnitzer and BMW Motorsport with our replica. So sourcing BBS Centre Lock Rims was important.

Hours and hours of speaking to fellow racers, trawling e-Bay, typing in “centre lock rims” to Google and paging through local and international racing magazines were spent; but with not much luck. With South Africa’s Rand being weak compared to the Dollar/ Pound/ Euro it wasn’t a case of just throwing money at the problem and having the rims made locally. The centre dish could be replicated in South Africa and the outer and inner lips/ rim halves could be sourced in South Africa or would in fact be imported by the wheel specialist.


A true art form taking shape

1st piece of the puzzle - right front passenger door Racing enthusiasts, passionate members of the trade and collectors all believe that certain race cars depict an art form, something of beauty, yet a tangible artifact that exudes simplicity of the highest regard.

Today's automobiles are packed with the latest technology, efficient designs and interiors that would put Queen Elizabeth's bed chamber to shame. Appealing they might be, however there is always something appealing about the cockpit of a race car and the exterior sticker design applied to the bodywork.

Truth be told the original BMW 635csi race cars, as run by Schnitzer Motorsport during the 1980's did not simply race with a livery, the cars competed with an art form that flanked all angles of the E24 body type.

Alec Ceprnich and his son Bruce undertook a dream of replicating this very race car, a key element being the reincarnation of this design run by Schnitzer. For those who are not in the know of what the design comprised of, basically to demonstrate the value of running Genuine BMW Parts in their race cars and the importance of customers with road cars always fitting the original item, BMW took the blue prints of the 6 series and applied all the parts elements from the car to the exterior body panels of the racer.


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