Customer Racing: Speedy Car Sales

At the Speedy Car Sales Showroom in Klerksdorp

Speedy Car Sales in Klerksdorp is one of South Africa’s most respected and successful luxury car dealerships. Owned by Farouk Dangor, the dealership has a long history of selling high-end vehicles and rare cars to clientele from all over South Africa.

The Speedy Car Sales dealership has been recognized time and time again for the high level of service, absolute professionalism, and incredible quality. They have been awarded the ABSA #1 Executive Dealer in SA for 10 Consecutive Years, the ABSA Top 50 Golden Dealer for 29 Years, and in 2013 ABSA recognized Speedy Car Sales as a Golden Partner for the 25th Year in Succession.

Alec has known Farouk from Stannic Group N days, when Farouk raced an Opel Superboss and a BMW E30 325iS. Farouk approached Alec in 2010 to restore his original BMW E30 M3 Touring Car, which had been sitting in storage for many years. It has always a been a privilege to do work with Farouk, and the Speedy Car Sales Team.

Original BMW E30 M3 Touring CarOriginal Speedy Car Sales BMW E30 M3 Touring Car

Year Raced: 1993 in the South African Touring Car Championship (SATCAR)
S14 2.0 litre, 4 Cylinder
Power Output at Flywheel @ Sea Level: 155kW @ 6900rpm

Interesting Facts:
- Restored in 2011 - 2013 by Evolution 2 Motorsport
- It is an Original BMW Motorsport Chassis
- Raced by Sean Walker (Tech-Speed Motorsport) in the British Touring Car Championship in 1992
- Raced by Farouk Dangor in 1993 in the AA Fleetcare Touring Car Championship
- Farouk got the taste of a BMW E30 M3, when raced a Tic-Tac sponsored Touring Car in the 1992 International Touring Car Event at Kyalami Race Track


BMW E30 325iS Group N CarSpeedy Car Sales BMW E30 325iS Group N Car

Years Raced: 1990 - 1992
Engine: M20 Type 2.7 litre Straight 6, using a 325 Turbodiesel Crankshaft
Power Output at Flywheel @ Sea Level: between 145kW and 155kW

Interesting Facts:
- Restored in 2014 - 2015 by Evolution 2 Motorsport
- The 325iS Evo I and Evo II (the "S" standing for 'Shadowline') were a homologation special done by BMW SA and Alpina, making it a very popular weapon on the track for Class A Group N vs the Opel 'Superboss'
- This was an original Winfield Car built by Tony Viana's 'Works' Team
- Group N rules stipulated that all cars must race with their interior seats and upholstery