Original BMW E30 M3 Touring Car

In the 90's: Farouk at Killarney, Cape TownYear Manufactured/ Raced: BMW E30 M3's built from 1987

- S14 Four Cylinder, 2.0 litre
- 16 Valve DOHC
- approximately 208 BHP @ 6900rpm
- E36 M3 five-speed Gearbox
- MoTeC Electronic Management System: M84 ECU, PDM15 and CDL3 Dash with Shift Lights
Weight without Driver: 960kg

Restored: 2011 - 2013, by Evolution 2 Motorsport
Current Owner: Farouk Dangor, of Speedy Car Sales
Drivers: Farouk Dangor, Mohamed Dangor

Interesting Facts:
- Raced by Sean Walker for the Tech Speed Team in the British Touring Car Championship
- Raced by Farouk Dangor in the 1990's in the AA Fleetcare Touring Car Championship

South African motorsport fans have seen them once before, that was Kyalami in the 1990’s when supporters flocked to local circuits and international competitors graced us with their presence. This time it was a little more special, the infamous German Touring Car battle crossed European borders and traveled into Africa. Beautiful machinery was unpacked and to the joy of South African fans, local drivers had their chance to prove their worth in international machinery against foreign drivers on a track they knew.

What’s more BMW Motorsport, who were well known for sending racers such as the E24 BMW 635csi and E30 BMW M3 in this case to other continents to compete in their local series, went all out in decking their racers in the actual Winfield livery as campaigned by the likes of the late Tony Viana and Deon Joubert. What an event and a spectacle, hopefully one day the current German Touring Car brigade will realise the support for their series in South Africa and allow our country to host one of their prestigious events.

Speaking of local drivers competing in the 1992 International touring car event, two privateer South African pilots decided to team-up, share driving duties and have the opportunity to drive a E30 M3 touring car, a racer believed to be the best machine to have ever graced race tracks around the world. Robbi Smith, who drove for the JSN Motors Group N team, and Farouk Dangor managed to bring one of the Tic-Tac sponsored M3’s into South Africa and race it at the International. With limited testing and resources, the JSN crew, led by Alec Ceprnich, having to prepare the car nights before the weekend’s racing, both Robbi and Farouk finished their respective races in the mid-field. Despite not fighting for victory with the Winfield examples, both drivers enjoyed their experience in the E30 M3 and were extremely sad to see it packed away in it freighting box after the weekend’s events.

For Farouk this would not be the last time he would find himself behind the wheel of an E30 M3 touring car. For the following 1993 Stannic SATCAR series he purchased a British Touring car example campaigned by Sean Walker.

Farouk campaigned the BMW M3 in the Stannic SATCAR SeriesLivered in the colours of his motor dealer in Klerksdorp, Speedy Car Sales, Farouk campaigned his M3 well, however was at a disadvantage as competitors ahead were making use of latest machinery, while the E30 was effectively a five year old car. In saying this, the brightly coloured BMW still performed admirably and Farouk realised he had purchased a gem, therefore come the following season he decided not to sell the M3 to provide provision for another BTCC racer he purchased from overseas.

In the years that followed the BMW’s final efforts of serious competition, the car was used as a show piece. Due to it being the only racer of its kind in South Africa and what the world regarded as the best racing car of its time, even by today’s standards, the M3 was a highly desired machine. Unfortunately these demands led to the engine and gearbox, highly sought after units, being mysteriously stolen out of the car while it was on display. Farouk still had the valuable chassis, however the crucial internals which were difficult to replace had gone missing.

The penny finally dropped for this seasoned local racer, when Farouk's son Mohamed convinced his dad to keep the M3 and fully restore this 'treasure'. A team of BMW specialists would be required to importantly source and build up a new S14 motor to actual racing specification and mate this to the correct gearbox. From days of Group N racing, working together at the Kyalami International event and years of keeping in contact, Farouk approached Evolution 2 Motorsport to re-build his beloved M3 to its former glory.

Due to availability of parts and having to source many components from overseas, the project took 2 years  to shape up and resemble the hallowed days of when the M3 competed. However one thing is for sure, once complete Farouk will once again be the envy of the pit lane and many race car collectors as this car is the real deal. In the years of competition for the E30 M3, BMW Motorsport built and sold many customer examples around the world. Some factory teams even laid off examples to make way for new evolutions of the breed. Therefore Farouk’s racer and its years of being, can be traced back to when it received its first coat of paint and was fired up at BMW Motorsport GMbH.

Now this elusive and exclusive racer rests in Kyalami, being meticulously built and prepared to once again make its way down the pit lane and roar into life through its awesome 4 cylinder highly modified BMW S14 engine. What’s even more exciting is that Farouk and Mohammed will showcase the true competency of what is still regarded the best race car of all time!

A younger looking Farouk in the 90's What the car looked like when it arrived in SA

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