Speedy Car Sales BMW E30 325iS Evo II

Farouk Dangor in his BMW E30 325iSYears Raced: 1990 - 1992
Owner: Farouk Dangor
Built and prepared by: Tony Viana
- M20 Type 2.7 litre Straight Six, using a 325 Turbodiesel Crankshaft
- 535 Throttle Bodies
- Alpina Pistons and Alpina Spec Head
- between 145kW and 155kW
Differential: Limited Slip Differential
Brakes: included ABS standard
- Bilstein Shock Absorbers, with H&R Springs all round
- E30 M3-Type Suspension
- Larger Roll Bars
Exhaust System: made by Van Der Linde Systems
Wheels: 15" 5-Stud BBS Alloy Rims

Restored: 2014 - 2015, by Evolution 2 Motorsport
Current Owners/ Drivers: Farouk and Mohamed Dangor of Speedy Car Sales

Interesting Facts:
- South Africa didn't receive the BMW E30 M3, instead we got the 325iS Evo I and Evo II which where locally built. The "S" stands for 'Shadowline'
- Road going cars were a homologation special done by BMW SA and Alpina, making it a very popular weapon on the track for Class A Group N vs the Opel 'Superboss'
- This is an original Winfield Car built by Tony Viana
- Evo I had aluminum bonnet, doors and mudguards. The bootlid remained steel because of the heavy M-Technic Rear Spoiler. BMW SA reverted back to the steel Body Panels for the Evo II in 1991
- Front Aero Lip with Under-Tray
- Group N rules stipulated that all cars must race with their interior seats and upholstery (Recaro leather seats was an option)
- Car restored into the yellow and red livery by Malcolm Sampson, of MS Screen Printing in January 2015


Group N Racing back in the day

Those that follow Evolution 2 and motorsport in South Africa will reminisce about the vehicles Alec has been involved with in the past, and the ones that we are currently involved with. There is a certain irony in that the vehicles Alec has restored since 2006 are the exact/ original vehicles who were the 'enemy' on the track back in the day. Alec built and race prepped the JSN Motors BMW E30 race cars that competed against the red Winfield factory cars of Tony Viana. In 2010 Peter Kaye-Eddie acquired the original Winfield BMW E30 325i Shadowline as raced by Tony, which Alec and Wade fully restored.

Farouk Dangor and Speedy Car Sales is immediately recognizable in South Africa, being a successful Car Dealer offering exotic (and not-so-exotic) vehicles and professional service. Through motor racing, Farouk has been able to market the Speedy Car Sales brand. Farouk has driven and owned some special race cars over the years: an ex-BTTC Vauxhall Cavalier, an original BMW E30 M3 Touring Car, a Group N Opel Superboss and a Group N BMW E30 325iS Evo II.

The Speedy Car Sales BMW E30 325iS Evo II was built and race-prepped by the legendary Tony Viana and his team in the early 1990's. Farouk was very competitive in his BMW E30 325iS vs the 'works' Winfiield cars and Robbi Smith in the JSN Motors entry - the BMW's taking on the Nissan and Opel entries.

In December 2014 Alec received a call from Farouk's son Mohamed to say that he had purchased a BMW E30 325iS. This was not any E30 325iS. The cars history can be traced back to an ex-Winfield Tony Viana Group N car which had been converted back to a road car a few years ago. Group N rules in the 80's and 90's dictated that a would-be racer takes a road car and has a roll-cage installed; changed the suspension parts where necessary and puts on semi-slick rubber and then goes racing on the weekend.

So when Mohamed approached Evolution 2 to convert the vehicle back to a race/ track car, we jumped at the opportunity for 2 reasons: we completed the restoration of Farouk's BMW E30 M3 Touring Car, and secondly this will be the fourth E30 325i race car restoration for the Evolution 2 staff.

In August 2015 at Montecasino, Farouk and Mohamed unveiled the E30 325iS in Speedy Car Sales colours. There wasn't a dry eye in the crowd, with Farouk reminiscing about Tony and Group N Racing - the 'good old days' of South African motorsport came flooding back for the onlookers. Older cars tend to bring out these emotions and memories, and bring people together. We'd like to think Farouk, Mohamed and Evolution 2 has had a hand in rekindling these memories.

Look out for the vehicle at their Klerksdorp Dealership and at the upcoming BMW Car Club events.

The iconic 6 Cylinder Engine

Red and yellow colour added

 Alec with Mohamed and Farouk Dangor









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