SA built BMW E92 M3 GT

At BMW Team Schnitzer's premisesMany of the stories on this website revolve around the older generation BMW race cars. We at Evolution 2 Motorsport love these examples due to their heritage, pedigree, character and engineering genius, especially for the period they were produced.

Evolution 2 Motorsport has extensive knowledge and experience in the rough and tumble of national production car racing, entering some of South Africa’s top racing drivers. Think of names likeGeoff Goddard, Anthony Taylor, Steve Wyndam, Reghard Roets, Hennie Groenewald, Shaun and Etienne van der Linde, Graeme Nathan and Johan Fourie, all top drivers and some of the best the country have seen.

For this reason Evolution 2 Motorsport are also tasked with prepping and developing some of the most technically advanced race cars available to South African race drivers. A couple of years back the team ran South Africa’s first Ferrari F430 Challenge racer for Pablo Clark and Rosso Sport Auto. Driven by Paolo Cavalieri and later Daryn Lobb, it was the car to beat in a highly competitive field of other Ferrari racers and sports prototype racers. When the contract for this car came to an end Cavalieri decided he wanted to race a GT BMW racer. Tato Carello, of Carello Auto, found an E92 BMW M3 that had been in a rear end shunt, which would form the basis of the project.

The damaged chassis was prepared and then sent onto Van Der Linde Systems to design and fit the custom built roll cage. From here the car was spray painted and dropped off at Evolution 2 Motorsport, fresh and ready to be developed into a ‘pukka’ race machine. Only the best was sourced and fitted, from AP Racing braking components, SAX Racing Shocks, custom suspension components, designed by Heyns Precision Projects and a MoTeC Engine Management System. Carello sourced the body work from the Netherlands, and BBS racing rims were acquired to finish off the overall look of the racer. Evolution 2 Motorsport carefully put the pieces together, producing a car that became the talk of the pit lane paddock.

Rear diffuser and bodywork

Front of the locally built E92 BMW M3 GT









Before the build had even been completed Top Car magazine wanted an internet story detailing what was taking shape in the Kyalami based workshops. Former team manager of Forza Racing, Oscar De Oliviera, realized the threat this BMW would have on his Ferrari F430 racers.

Before the build had been fully completed by Evolution 2 Motorsport,  the car was taken to another established race workshop.

“The M3 GT project was an exciting one for myself and Evolution 2 Motorsport,” explains Alec Ceprnich. “It presented many challenges, one being the fact that we were dealing with some of the most advanced technology released into a road car by BMW, we had to re-design a lot of aspects of the car to ensure they worked with the MoTeC system. The Ferrari’s and Porsche’s are all commissioned from overseas, they are built to international standards, I therefore could not accept anything sub standard to leave my workshop. I was disappointed when the car was taken away, the project was not complete and the finishing touches could not be put into place”.

Proud to be associated with the build, as ninety percent was completed by Evolution 2 Motorsport, Alec Ceprnich was able to realize a dream in seeing the actual Schnitzer M3 GT2 race cars in real life. After having experienced the overall build of the local project, his mind and senses were taken to another level when shown the Schnitzer BMW’s. Two were being assembled, while three others were in the process of being put together for the intense 2011 season that faced this famous team.

Spare BMW Team Schnitzer cars being built

A race-ready Team Schnizter BMW M3 GT









“The experience was surreal and mind blowing,” remembers Alec fondly. “Those cars are on another level, everything is perfect and precise, an incredible experience all together. Watching the Schnitzer Technicians at work brought back memories of my guys building the M3 GT. I then accepted that we still have a lot of catching up to do, however I would still like to borrow one of those Schnitzer cars for a race weekend at Kyalami, have a Anthony Taylor, Paolo Cavalieri, Kelvin or Etienne van der Linde behind the wheel, and release all of that magnificence onto the track - I don’t think anything will catch it”. Dreams may become a reality...

As the saying goes time waits for no-one, and we are in 2017...  this BMW E92 body is owned by Rui Campos of Campos Transport and no longer has the mighty V8 Engine. It has a 3.0 litre 6 Cylinder Turbo-charged (N55) Engine.

As per the international GT3 trends, turbo-charged engines is the way forward with most of the manufacturers (except Audi, who run the glorious sounding V10 R8).

But a V8 sound......   can't be beaten!

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