Alfa Romeo Project

You not a true car nut until...

Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint have owned and gone through the hardships of having an Alfa Romeo in your life. This is what Top Gear believes, and although Evolution 2 Motorsport prides ourselves on our service and maintenance abilities with non-warranty/ Motorplan BMW models, having another vehicle manufacturer arrive outside the workshop door is always a welcoming site.

"Don't get us wrong, we love working on BMW's, their overall engineering and ease of which to work on is always satisfying," explains Evolution 2 Motorsport's Alec Ceprnich. "The best is working for customers who appreciate their steads and even go as far as building up a collection of their favorite collectibles. One customers, whose lovely BMW E46 M3 CSL, we maintained and kept running in the past, decided to put our trusted abilities into sorting out his beautiful replica Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint GTA restoration."

The little red beauty arrived at Evolution 2 Motorsport with the majority of work carried out on it, however the owner wanted a trusted and reliable work unit to attend to the engine and major drive-train components of his car. Call on Evolution 2 Motorsport and their technicians who were now tasked to get this classic running.

Old meets new: Newer type engine & ECU married to old body

Alec continues by saying, "it's always an honor to be trusted with such pride and joys of our customers. Such requests highlights the level of trust and appreciation for the service quality we put into our customer cars, it is such that we pride ourselves on."

With the 2.0l engine running and pushing out some impressive KW's using a PowerMods ECU for reliability and drive-ability; in addition to now being able to stop on a dime the little Alfa Romeo made its way to Wynberg Motor Trimmers for the interior to be finished by Anthea and her team. 

We can confirm that the vehicle is now with it's owner in Cape Town. Is there a better place for a historic motor vehicle to spend its days? We think not.

Please visit our Facebook page to see the outcome of this 'Italian Job'. We hope our client is going to enjoy this little beauty.

Fast Forward to January 2015:

Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint GTAThose that have traveled down the path of a vehicle restoration or a vehicle build will know that it is a continuous work in progress. Whether it be a snag list of items that need tweaking or rectified or making further improvements. Well our favourite little Alfa arrived back at our workshop for some Evolution 2 Motorsport TLC.

Our customer has thoroughly enjoyed having the Alfa back in his garage, and loved driving it but asked us to have the Gearbox, Diff and Propshaft reconditioned and serviced due to a vibration/ grinding noise. We therefore turned to Alfa guru Clive Densham of Densham Racing.

The main reason though for the vehicle returning, was that the owner wanted more power. After a cup of coffee with Alec and Wade, it was decided to rather go the Fuel Injection route then sourcing bigger Carburetors. As we already have a PowerMods ECU installed, we had Throttle Bodies (made by Dave Ingle of DICE) and which Wade made fit in place of the Carburetors. The greatest advantage of Fuel Injection is that we will be able to get some decent power of the Engine and keep the same drivability.

This being a specialised project, it did take a few months to complete. In October 2015, with the help of Domingo's (owner of PowerMods) all our modifications have been completed and the final dyno done, Wade Noble (our Head Technician) tells us “This is the coolest Alfa on the road, putting out approximately 90kW. We hope the owner will thoroughly enjoy driving through the streets of Cape Town”. A huge grin comes over Wade’s face, as he states "My Alfa!". And this coming from a VW Beetle fanatic. This little Alfa has certainly won a place in Evolution 2 Motorsport's heart.

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