2002 Youth Project

BMW 2002 Youth Project

Ever sat and thought, what would be the best first car to buy my son or daughter now that they are about to obtain their driver's license? A difficult decision for many, with many options available on the market, some great, others representing safety features similar to that of a sardine tin. Ever wondered how great it would be if you could build the ideal car for your child that best evokes their personality and desires?

Before we share more on the BMW 2002 Youth Project , Evolution 2 Motorsport would like to highlight that building a car, with your own two hands is no easy task, it might leave you broke, divorced and possessing a home where the coffee table is an ideal platform to modify your gearbox into a short shift unit.

Taking the above into consideration, building a car is possible, you just need the right mindset, a great side kick and a few good people within the industry to help you out. Well known motoring scribe Adrian Burford (of Roadworx Communications) is one such good man, and now he is taking on an ambitious project with his son James Burford to build a old but new BMW 2002 for the youngsters 18th Birthday next year.

The 'new' M44 BMW engine & gearbox meet some of the legendsAlthough James will need to focus on his grades and ensure he keeps the peace between his mom and dad, lets be honest Adrian you tired of cutting the lawn and would much rather build a car, therefore what better excuse than to bring James and his legibility to drive into the equation, the young Burford will be exposed to all elements of what it takes to build a car, the components required and an imagination of how the car should go and look.

With the project given the green light and said project chassis already acquired, Adrian and his 'lightie' are now in the stages of stripping all left overs out the rather decayed body, send for painting and then call upon the trusting service capabilities of Evolution 2 Motorsport who will be guiding and assisting the Burford's to reach their stipulated deadline.

You can follow the progress of this wonderful project either by:

For further details or information on this project, email Adrian on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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