Maintaining Cooling Systems

Cooling System Repairs

At Evolution 2 Motorsport we understand that a Water Leak spells trouble.

Cooling Systems RepairsKeep the Cooling System of your Vehicle in proper working condition:
Some vehicle cooling systems have a reputation of being a little fragile. It is possible for water leaks to develop and that can cause problems with overheating the engine. There are some things that can help keep the cooling system in proper working condition. The radiator obviously is something that needs to be checked and maintained. The waterpump belt drive is crucial to efficient operation of the waterpump within the vehicle. Problems with the cooling system most often originate with this part.

Important parts of Cooling System to consider:
The hoses of the cooling system will need to be checked for any possible openings. These can be the size of pinpricks but they are still leaking precious coolant from the system. Something else to look for is any clogs or debris around the cooling system parts. This can include the radiator, radiator hoses, expansion tanks and other areas where coolant passes through. The fluid should be able to move smoothly throughout the engine system. That is a primary reason to be certain that there is nothing blocking the way. The fan and the cooling system need to be checked for efficiency and whether or not it works at an acceptable speed.

Why Thermostats are important?
Thermostats contain temperature sensors and if there’s a problem with the thermostat it should be replaced as quickly as possible. A good idea is to replace the thermostat whenever the water in the car is replaced. The Coolant Reservoirs ought to be checked for any leaks. This can be part of any routine maintenance work done on the vehicle.

Consequences to face if there is a delay in repair:
If an owner needs any persuasion about checking the cooling system, all anyone has to do is mention the price of replacement parts. Overheating the engine of any Vehicle is not a small problem. It is a can result in head gasket repairs or replacement of cylinder heads. The cost estimate of labor and parts for either runs in the thousands. In fact, if a driver notices the gauge is going noticeably past the halfway mark is time to get the Vehicle in for inspection and possible repair. The longer a person waits on something like this the more repair expense is going to be.

Regular Cooling System maintaince is crucial to Engine careWarning! Look out for this logo!

Why Cooling System maintenance of a Vehicle is important?
The cooling system of a vehicle is without a doubt extremely sensitive. Coolant levels need to be inspected on a routine basis. Something that would really help a vehicle owner is to develop a relationship with a trusted workshop. At Evolution 2 Motorsport, checking for water leaks is part of the Vehicle Inspection/ Safety Check. An owner must keep in mind at all times the consequences of not maintaining the cooling system - as suggested above, the consequences can be costly financially.

With the above in mind, the coolant system affects the performance of the vehicle. A cooling system that is operating efficiently allows for an even better ride and greater enjoyment of the car. A vehicle is meant to be something the owner can take out on the road and just enjoy the engineering. It is understood that there are some delicate parts to the Vehicle but the overall efficiency of this automobile cannot be denied. Any Vehicle Owner has spent a lot of money, so proper maintenance will see to it that the driving life of the vehicle extends out for years.

If you suspect you have a cooling system (water leak) issue, please feel free to contact our Workshop for an assessment.